1. How To Create A Retro Interior

    How To Create A Retro Interior
    Retro style, generally refers to fashion, furniture, décor, trend, or lifestyle that is popular during the 50s, 60s, and 70s. For several years, it is being revived by talented designers and decorators who flaunt their shabby chic creations by incorporating decades of interior designs that showcase retro styles and pay homage to the past. Today’s trend of creating retro interiors...
  2. 10 Ideas for Side Tables

    10 Ideas for Side Tables
    Side tables are one of the most overlooked furniture, but having them around brings convenience and instantly scale up the look of the room. They are no longer humble utilitarian items that hold your alarm clock, table lamp, or flower vase, but become decorative items that stand out on their own. By repurposing some elements and items in your home...
  3. Buy or make a bookcase?

    Buy or make a bookcase?
    One of the most functional pieces of furniture is the bookcase. It helps in organizing books and reading materials while providing a space to display your favorite accent pieces, photo frames, and personal mementos. If you like do-it-yourself home projects, making bookcases can be fun because you can design a bookcase that will give your space an instant makeover. If...
  4. Overview of rocking chairs

    Overview of rocking chairs
    Taking inspiration from rocking cradles and rocking horses, the rocking chair which originated from America has become a piece of all-time home furniture. Many believed that the original inventor of this iconic chair was Benjamin Franklin, while others said that cabinetmakers did the first designs. The rollers, however, were not an American invention. It was initially built as a garden...
  5. How to choose sideboards in the bedroom

    How to choose sideboards in the bedroom
    Modern sideboards are essential pieces that serve as a display table or storage. These functional pieces have come a long way from being extra serving surfaces in the dining area to vital furniture. Nowadays, sideboards shine as a versatile addition to bedrooms, offices, and almost all types of rooms, providing ample space to tuck away clothes and things and keeping...
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