1. Modern kitchen design

    Modern kitchen design
    Trends for kitchen's design change fast, so you need to stick to your own vision and stamp your individuality and character into it while taking inspiration from the latest styles. Whether you want a modern kitchen design or a retro kitchen design, there are essential factors that you need to know to maximize the functionality of the room. What is...
  2. Bad interior design trends

    Bad interior design trends
    When it comes to home decorating, there will always be good or bad interior design trends. Trends come and go out of style quickly, so it is vital not to overdo or spend too much money on something that you cannot easily undo or reverse. Examples of bad interior design Faux Finishes Sponge, rag-rolled, and other types of fancy finishes...
  3. Home decor lighting ideas

    Home decor lighting ideas
    Home lighting sets the mood, so it is vital to choose the right ones. When picking up the best lights for home décor, consider them as architectural elements that can make or break the look of the entire room aside from giving it optimal lighting. It is necessary to take into consideration the size, shape, style, and color of home...
  4. How to Choose Furniture for a Living Room?

    How to Choose Furniture for a Living Room?
    The key to transforming the most utilized space of your home is knowing how to choose furniture for a living room. The perfect furniture helps create a stylish, charming, and comfortable room, which is vital for relaxation and entertainment. It should be your happy place, reflecting your personality and lifestyle so it’s essential to buy design furniture that sparks joy...
  5. Interior Design Trends in 2020

    Interior Design Trends in 2020
    Interior Design Trends in 2020 Interior design is always about individuality, creativity, and comfort. Year after year, interior design trends influence how people choose the furnishings and accessories of their living or working spaces. And there is no way to escape the latest trends -- whether in fashion, interior designs, music, or choice of furniture. What’s up for 2020 interior...

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