AJ Style Floor Lamp - White

Inspired By Arne Jacobsen

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  • AJ Style Floor Lamp White
  • AJ Style Floor Lamp White
  • AJ Style Floor Lamp White
  • AJ Style Floor Lamp White
  • F19-MLE3020/1-White

    AJ Style Floor Lamp - White

    Inspired By Arne Jacobsen

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    Inspired By

    Arne Jacobsen

    Although Jacobsen was first and foremost an architect, his legacy proves that he is more recognized for his furniture and other design works rather than his buildings. Product design came to him through his attention to details and need to design every aspect of his creations. When he was commissioned to design St. Catherine College, he ended up designing the interior and exterior furnishing, door handles, chairs, china, lamps and even the kind of fish for the pond. These finishing touches were in no way secondary to his buildings because they quickly took a life of their own, and have gone on to become a national and international heritage. Jacobsen was known to have collaborated with furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen for several years but it wasn’t until 1951 that he made a breakthrough into furniture history with the Ant chair, originally designed for Novo pharmaceutical factory, and in 1955, the Series 7 chair. He also created the widely successful Egg chair and the Swan chair for the SAS Royal Hotel in 1958. Other designs include the Swan sofa, Series 3300 chairs, Tongue chair, Dot Stool Model 3170, Pot chair, Giraffe chair and more.

    See what other clients think

    • This floor lamp is very good-looking and I appreciate the way how it was packaged.
      Muhammad Thornton

      Safe & sound delivery

    • This lamp allows me to control the lighting, which is what's unique about it since I'm not able to do that with my other lamps at home
      Connor Ahmed

      Amazing dimming effect

    • I love relaxing in the couch while reading and this floor lamp is what I use all the time. It's awesome!
      Phoebe Holt

      Delivers perfect illumination

    • I like this floor lamp very much! The height is just perfect for my desk especially when I'm reading
      Imogen Fraser

      The perfect lamp for my need!

    • Very durable and reliable. I can have this lamp anywhere since it's not bulky. Not at all!
      Lucy Khan

      Durable and reliable!

    • I can carry this lamp around our house since it does not take up too much space.
      Max Doherty

      A great space saver!

    • This floor lamp is perfect especially when I am trying to find a reference book on our home library. It allows me to get the book without the hassle of straining my neck and eyes trying to read the title.
      Elliot Wells

      Extremely useful & versatile

    • I like it because of the good lighting and the head can be adjusted to different directions so that I don't have a hard time fixing repairs at home.
      Lucas Adams

      Convenient & easy to use

    • It's very user-friendly. The floor lamp is very sleek and it just blends perfectly with my room background.
      Peter Chandler

      Makes my room more chic

    • What I like about this floor lamp is that it is very stable and it does not tip over.
      Joshua Lucas

      Well-constructed & stable

    • The lamp is very lightweight. I can move it anywhere in the house easily. No problem whatsoever
      Jay Pratt

      Lightweight and portable

    • I'm not struggling with reading under dim light anymore because of this floor lamp.
      Louis Bentley

      Helps me read better at night

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