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Inspired by the Wishbone (Y) Chair designed by Hans J. Wegnerin 1949, it captures the quintessential Danish mid-century modern design. Truly a unique piece to elevate any space.
Inspired by: Mobelaris
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A Unique Piece You Can Call Your Own

Owning a replica of the Wishbone Y or CH24 Chair is like owning a piece of modern history. Portraits of Danish merchants sitting in the Chinese Ming Dynasty Chairs inspired this iconic classic. Hans J. Wegner designed the distinct characteristic of the wishbone or Y-shaped back of the chair where it got its name. The shape gives stability and ensures comfortable support. New York Times has dubbed the chair as an understated work of simplicity and comfort. Since its creation in 1949, the design has continually been mass-produced up to modern times. Giving proof to its understated timeless elegance. The Mobelaris Wishbone Y Chair replica comes in several finishes and made with FSC-certified hardwoods, such as smooth and sophisticated American Walnut, and unique and traditional Soaped Oak. As per the original design by Wegner, the backrest is one piece steam-formed, producing a seamless finish that can fit in with any aesthetics. Looking for a unique Danish piece to add style and functionality to your home or office space? The Wishbone Y Chair or CH24 Chair is the perfect match for you.

  • Frame: Wood Painted Color, Beech, Ash, Oak, Walnut
  • Legs: Wood Painted Color, Beach, Ash, Oak, Walnut
  • Seat: Paper Cord (As Per Original)
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Assembled: Fully Assembled
  • Instructions: N/A
  • Clean: Dust /  Spot Clean
  • Dimension: Width 52cm, Depth 53cm, Height 73cm
  • Dimension Detail: Base Width 43cm, Seat Arm Width 54.5cm, Leg Height 47.5cm
  • Seat Dimension: Height 43cm Approx 
  • Packing Dimension: Width 54cm, Depth 57cm, Height 77cm
  • CBM: 0.237  Product Weight: 7.5kg


Find answers for common questions about Wishbone Y Chair - CH24

  • What’s the difference between Oak and Soaped Oak Finish?

    Oak is oil finished, while Soaped Oak is a traditional Danish mid-century finish, that seals the chair with a slightly white pigmented finish. Looking for a more traditional finish? Go for Soaped Oak!

  • Are the chairs stackable?

    No, they are not.

  • What are the dimensions?

    Width 50.5 cm, Depth 44.5 cm, Height 76 cm

  • What is the weight of each chair?

    Each chair weighs approximately 7kg.

  • Do the items come assembled?

    Yes the Wishbone Chairs come fully assembled and packaged ready for export. Pease note these items are delivered far and wide, be careful when unpacking not to scratch the internal product with sharp knives / scissors.

  • What is the chair made of?

    The frames are made from a number solid woods. Beech, lacquered in exquisite paint finishes or solid woods such as light ash, oak and walnut oil finished. Whilst Soaped Oak traditionally finished in Soap treatment adding a lighter / whiter pigmentation giving the CH24 that 'Danish Style' look. The natural paper cord seats are made from 150m of hand-woven paper cord as per the original and traditional design.

  • Where are these chairs made?

    Our chairs are made in our partner factory in the Far East. Manufactured by a team of skilled artisan craftsmen, inspected before shipping by our highly qualified quality control inspectors.

  • How do you care for the chair?

    Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, heat sources, pets and humidity. Provide daily cleaning and regular maintenance. Learn more from our care instruction guide



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