Ethical Trading Policy

Here at Mobelaris we strongly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility must be initiated from the outset and that each and every one of us has to be considerate of Social Responsibility, so we can make a difference.


We recognise the responsibility that we share with our suppliers to source products in an ethical manner. We want our customers to be confident that people are treated fairly, are not exploited and are not exposed to unsafe working conditions.

As our Company has proudly grown, so has our supply chain from all over the World. Here is an insight into how we implement our Ethical Trading Policy.

Ethical trade is about the purchasing practices of our business and the steps we take to ensure that we, and our supplier companies respect workers' rights. After all, without them, we cannot continue to provide the highest quality Designer and Scandinavian furniture.

Due Diligence

Our Purchasing team strive to find the best suppliers all over the World. Before we commence work with a new supplier we will ensure a due diligence report is completed to confirm that the supplier will meet our UK standards and regulations, including checking their business processes, their Quality Assurance and their viability as a long term partner. If new suppliers cannot provide this information, then we will simply not use them. If there are any points we are not completely satisfied with, we will liaise with the Supplier to implement our recommended improvements and this has had fantastic results in the past.

When we start working with a new Factory we request written documentation of their practices and procedures to ensure that the Supplier meets our criteria in terms of Ethical Trading. We have developed a questionnaire for completion which we use as our guideline when we visit the Factories to do our own Quality Assurance. It is not just about having the best products there, but about seeing happy Employees, in safe environments, clean and organized to a standard we can be proud of.

We always ensure that one of the Compliance Team at Mobelaris is on hand to support our Far East suppliers with regards to any UK and EU subjects.

Ongoing Assurance

At Mobelaris, we do not just stop once we have chosen our Supplier. We continue to monitor on an ad-hoc basis that the Ethical Standards we have seen will remain high or have improved. We do this through continued communication, site visits and feedback reports being sent out with measure in place to monitor any improvements we request. This gives us the comfort of knowing that we are adhering to our own policy.

As our supply chain stands now, we are proud to see that we have Suppliers who are also considerate of Ethical Trading.

The shift towards awareness about this over the last few years has ensured that those companies who wish to prosper and succeed will move forward with the times and implement what is right and well deserved.

Whilst there have been occasional times where we have highlighted minor points in some working conditions, we have been pleased to see our Suppliers take on board our comments and take corrective measures swiftly.


We encourage and support continuous improvement in supplier standards and we regularly measure supplier improvement. We recognise our suppliers may need time and support to ensure compliance. Where we are alerted to breaches of our Policy we will take action considered appropriate. We will work with suppliers to resolve ethical trading issues. If suppliers are unable or unwilling to address critical issues associated with any breach within the required timescales, we reserve the right to terminate the relationship in accordance with our contractual rights.

We will strive to be open and honest when we work with others and ensure our trading is fair and transparent.