Alvar Aalto

A Finnish architect and designer. His career has spanned from architecture, furniture, textiles, and glassware, as well as sculptures and paintings. From 1920's to 1970s, his work ranged from Nordic Classicism of the early work to a rational International Style Modernism during the 1930s to a more organic modernist style from the 1940s onwards. He adapted Gesamtkunstwerk (commonly known as Aesthetics) on to his work like no other together with his first wife, Aino Aalto.

They not only built but gave particular attention and treatment all across his designs from interior surfaces and furniture design. His knack for furniture design is considered Scandinavian Modern. Working exceptionally well with wood bursting with simplicity and applying technical experimentation. This trait led him to receive patents for various manufacturing processes such as bent wood. One of his famous creations the Paimio chair uses this technique which was intended for tuberculosis patients. He also became the first furniture designer to use the cantilever principle in chair design using wood. To this day, his ‘High Stool’ and ‘Stool E60’ are currently used in Apple Stores worldwide.

The name Alvar Aalto is only used to describe the characteristics of the goods made to the original design, and not as a trademark.

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It is our mission to give you the most coveted home and office furniture that would enhance your interior look. Our style collection of Alvar Aalto furniture, home furnishings, and lighting fixture is perfect for people who want unique, innovative, and organic pieces that showcase modern, artistic designs. Aalto is a world-renowned Finnish architect, town planner, and designer whose concepts forged pragmatic and romantic elements.

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Impress your friends with one-of-a-kind pieces of Alvar Aalto furniture that display the versatility of plywood, solid wood, glass, and metal. One of his breakthrough contributions is the invention of laminated bent-plywood furniture that resulted in the creation of the iconic Stool 60 design. The stackable, 3-legged stool with circular top features handcrafted L-shaped legs. And who wouldn’t forget his spectacular Paimio Armchair, Nesting Table, and curvilinear Aalto Glass Vase?

His sleek lighting designs are also much-loved by interior decorators worldwide. Our Alvar Aalto-inspired Beehive Lamp A331 adds a dash of retro-modern feel to your space. This awesome ceiling lamp combines polished brass plated steel and glass to bring a soft and warm illumination to a bar or island counter. We also have the Aalto-style Golden Bell Pendant Light that easily cast an enveloping light to your dining room, kitchen, and workstation.

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