Gino Sarfatti

World war II has brought a huge devastation all over and in the desire to rise above, many designers have reached new heights, Gino Sarfatti for one in the realm of lightning. Born in born in Venice on 16th September 1912. Sarfatti was forced to interrupt his studies at the age of 23 and after the liberation he immediately work on his company Arteluce. Because of Sarfatti’s experimentation with new materials and production methodologies he was able to produce more than 400 innovative lightning products that made a significant contribution in lightning designs. In 1971, Sarfatti designed the first lamp to use halogen bulbs and since then he has been among the most celebrated lightning designers of his generation.

The name Gino Sarfatti is only used to describe the characteristics of the goods made to the original design, and not as a trademark.

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  • Chandelier 2097

    Inspired by:- Gino Sarfatti

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