Hans J. Wegner

Hans J Wegner (HJW) designs were a massive contribution to mid - century Danish design, using an era of materials from Hardwoods, Bent Veneered Ply and Upholstery HJW produced organic functionality, whilst still pushing design boundaries with shapes that still created functional seating requirements. Iconic designs such as the Y Chair, CH07 Chair, Ox Chair, Hoop are to name but a few, these however were only some of the pieces that made it into mass production. Not taken into consideration the 400+ other pieces that were designed for independent projects or not put into mass production.

The name Hans J. Wegner is only used to describe the characteristics of the goods made to the original design, and not as a trademark.

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Architect Hans J. Wegner is often called the ‘master of chairs,’ having created around 500 different designs during his furniture designing career. He was regarded as one of the most prolific, innovative, and creative designers of the 20th century, taking Danish furniture style to the next level. The core of Hans J. Wegner furniture lies on his laser-focus on displaying the essence of the pieces without being grandiose. The Hans J. Wegner chairs have simple, functional exterior with exquisite aesthetic details that bring organic and natural charm.

Hans J. Wegner Round Chair

The Round Chair is one of Wegner’s celebrated masterpieces. In 1950, it graced the cover of American magazine ‘Interiors’ and called it the world’s most beautiful chair. This minimalist seat with no backside instantly gained international recognition and was fondly called “The Chair.” The Hans J. Wegner Round Chair features a single, semicircle form with open, curved back rail, armrests, and straight legs. During the 1960 televised election debate of Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, they sat in his round chairs.

Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chairs

The Wishbone Chair or the Y Chair is considered the undisputed modern icon which has been gracing many homes and commercial spaces since it was introduced in 1950. His inspiration in designing this ergonomic piece was a portrait of sitting Danish merchants in Ming chairs. Crafting a Wishbone Chair is not a joke, it typically requires over 100 individual steps to perfect a single chair. This lightweight and sculptural seat is made to last for generations and provides ultimate comfort. It features a steam-bent frame and a handwoven seat which used about 120 meters of paper cord.

Hans J. Wegner Lounge Chair

Like his other chairs, the Hans J. Wegner Lounge Chair has a distinctive form and organic look. During its introduction, his choice of seat and backseat materials created a stir because the woven paper cord was never used. Instead of the usual seagrass that was widely popular during the time, Wegner opted for 400 meters of handcrafted material that gave a unique organic look to this lounge chair which was considered a revolutionary style in the 1950s.

Hans J. Wegner Armchair Collection

Wegner has an array of stylish armchairs that displayed his fondness for integrating natural and wood materials into his designs. Every piece of Hans J. Wegner furniture revealed his special talent to create attractive sculptural lines through his chosen elements.

For those who love to buy chairs that are inspired by Wegner, our best-selling style design armchairs are the GE 290 Plank Chair and Oculus Chair. Mobelaris’ Wegner-style Plank Chair styletes the original piece with wooden base and cushioned seating, balancing the style and comfort of this visually-appealing armchair. Our Wegner-inspired Oculus Chair with armrests features eye-shaped seams located at the center of the backrest and stainless steel legs, which enhance its sophistication, comfort, and durability.

All Hans J. Wegner furniture bears excellent craftsmanship, Nordic functionality, and modern-retro details. Many of his award-winning designs are part of the collections of major museums.

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