Jo Hammerborg

After completing high school education, Jo (Johannes) Hammerborg trained as a silversmith from 1942 to 1943 then later on studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and worked as a silversmith at Georg Jensen. It was in 1957 when he was hired as a chief designer at the lamp manufacturer Fog & Mørup, where he worked until 1980 where he left the company in history as one of the vanguards of their time. He was able to create at least 180 different designs of lamps several of which have received international awards. All of his iconic design came from his training as a silversmith and his exposure to the work of designers such as Henning Koppel at Georg Jensen. Even after decades, his sought-after lamps are still in demand because of his great insight in elimination technique and a profound understanding of form, function and aesthetics. His great passion for skydiving has cost him his life in 1982 but his innovative contributions to Danish lamp design, have a natural place in the 21sh century.