1. How to Choose a Desk and Chair

    How to Choose a Desk and Chair
    If you are experiencing back strains and fatigue after work, chances are- either your desk or chair is the culprit. The best solution is to replace them with a modern desk and ergonomic chair. Choosing the right office furniture contributes to your well-being and work productivity, making you more motivated to complete all your tasks and look forward to another...
  2. How to Choose a Good Sofa

    How to Choose a Good Sofa
    Every home needs a good sofa where everyone can relax, entertain, watch TV, or even take a nap. This piece of furniture is a major investment and the focal piece that influences the décor scheme of the entire area, hence the importance of spending time to find the perfect fit for your space. A smart way to know what you...
  3. 5 Steps for a Modern Dining Room Makeover

    5 Steps for a Modern Dining Room Makeover
    Have you ever wondered why the dining room is called the heart of every home? Well, the reason is that it wears multiple hats. It is the epicenter of family and friends’ indoor bonding which includes enjoying good food, entertaining guests, and sometimes becoming an instant home office. Because you spend a lot of time in this room every day...
  4. Mid-Century Modern in the Living Room

    Mid-Century Modern in the Living Room
    If there is an interior design that remains popular up now, it is the mid-century modern style. It was developed in 1945 up to 1975. During this 30-year period, the style influenced urban development and architectural designs. Artists and architects like Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Isamu Noguchi, and Florence Knoll designed classic pieces of furniture, lightings, and home...
  5. How to Choose an Office Chair

    How to Choose an Office Chair
    Sitting for long hours to complete your daily tasks can cause a great deal of stress on the spine and back. Maybe everything is good now, but soon you will start experiencing discomfort and back problems that can affect your productivity. It is important to use a modern ergonomic office chair that supports the body and promotes good posture to...

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