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Are you planning to buy industrial furniture in the UK? You are in the right place!

Mobelaris has an array of modern and vintage industrial furniture that will beautifully transform your living or working space. We have the stunning style of Xavier Pauchard bar stools and other metal industrial furniture that revolutionize the design industry.

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Pauchard was the pioneering soul who introduced the element of galvanization in France right after World War 1, giving birth to furniture with industrial design. Following the footsteps of his grandfather and father, he contributed a lot in functional furniture from a different perspective and with the help of galvanized sheet-metal. In 1907 he discovered that soaking the material in molten zinc prevents rust, hence making the industrial type furniture more durable and long-lasting. His creations became hot items in the market and widely used in cafes, hospitals, factories, and offices. It changed the course of modern industrial design furniture by highlighting the advantages of using galvanized metal materials.

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Since the breakthrough, Xavier Pauchard designed and manufactured different household items and industrial furniture such as stools, chairs, and armchairs. To secure the patent, he registered the brand name TOLIX in 1927 and created award-winning pieces of chairs including the famous Marais A Chair which he made in 1934.  This chair was originally designed for battleships, but when cafes and bars in France used them to promote breweries, the phenomenal design became an overnight sensation. It was later recognized as the iconic piece of vintage industrial furniture in the UK and across the globe. Pauchard became unstoppable after his worldwide success and designed a full-line of stylish “Tolix Chair Range”, which used buckled sheet metal and regarded as the classic representation of mid-century modern industrial design furniture.

Because we want you to have it without hassle, you can buy premium styles of industrial furniture online. We offer Xavier Pauchard-inspired Tolix T Chair, Tolix Stool, Tolix A Chair, and Tolix Bar Stool. They are style with utmost care and precision to imitate the sleek design, practicality, and elegance of Pauchard’s original collection of vintage industrial furniture that became a symbol of groundbreaking design in the world.

Our Tolix A Chair style is available in different colors, so you have an option to pick just one color or mix and match the colors to spruce up your interior setting. This industrial style furniture is great for indoor or outdoor use, just like the other pieces of vintage industrial furniture that our UK customers love so much. The holes in the seat allow rainwater to drip through, giving convenience to users. This industrial furniture has a versatile and practical design that allows easy stacking of up to 25 chairs.

So, whether you want statement pieces of furniture with the industrial design for your home or functional seat for your office or bistro, Mobelaris got you covered. Our Xavier Pauchard-style stools will provide the dynamism and sophistication you aspire to stamp in your domestic or commercial corner. Mobelaris’ replica bar stools have eye-catching colors that enhance the look of any room and provide an appealing design element that serves as a conversation starter.

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Our vintage and modern industrial design furniture are on sale. It is your chance to own a piece of the much-sought Tolix chairs that are known for their functional strength, ultra-comfort, and clean lines. They served as the mesmerizing legacy of a brilliant designer whose innovative ideas set a path to modern industrial design furniture. His trademark designs continue to inspire industrial style furniture designers and manufacturers, while more and more modern homes welcome them as staples of contemporary design that offer comfortable seating experience, thanks to full-framed backrest and sturdy legs.

It is no surprise that critics in the furniture industry considered Pauchard as the father of industrial furniture and Tolix as the mark of impeccable and excellent craftsmanship. Many of his original works are displayed in various museums and featured in different publications, including the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign of Agent Provocateur.

Are you ready to buy vintage industrial furniture in the UK now? Let’s get going?

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