Side tables are one of the most overlooked furniture, but having them around brings convenience and instantly scale up the look of the room. They are no longer humble utilitarian items that hold your alarm clock, table lamp, or flower vase, but become decorative items that stand out on their own. By repurposing some elements and items in your home, you can create statement pieces that add character to your living or working areas.

So, if you are ready for a simple do-it-yourself project, here are some awesome ideas for your side tables:

10 side table design ideas

1. Rustic sliced log side table

If you want to incorporate a rustic charm into your home, add natural elements. Aside from putting live plants and having fresh flowers in your rooms, make a side table with a log tabletop. Make sure that you have a metal or wood base to support the weight of the log.

2. Reclaimed wood side table

For a farmhouse-like ambiance, a wood side table is a wonderful option. The distressed wood character intentionally brings the vibe that you want the room to convey.

3. Vintage record side table

Are you a music lover? Personalize your side table by using an old piece of LP record to reflect your passion for music. Look for a wire plant stand to support your unique tabletop. This is one of the simplest side table ideas that are easy to accomplish.

4. Industrial side table

If you want a retro-modern side table that looks chic and sturdy, this is a wise choice. The metal bracket frame looks perfect with a wooden top surface that can hold your personal stuff. The metal and wood combination balances the warm and cold elements, enhancing the subdued elegance of your home space. An iron side table is also a great option because of its versatility and durability.

5. Wire basket side table

Using bits and pieces of household stuff is one of the resourceful side table décor ideas that will spare you from spending a lot of money. Get a waste paper basket that is made of copper wire to create a customized side table. Simply flipped the copper basket upside down to make a table base, add a round wood top and it’s done!

6. Spray painted trash can side table

Another fun idea is to use metal trash with a solid bottom. This is good if you don’t need a big top surface, just enough for some knickknacks. To make it more attractive and unique, spray paint it with color that coordinates with your furniture or home furnishings.

7. Pallet side table

Turn wooden pallets into a shabby chic side table. They already have structures and all you need to do is to apply some side table décor ideas to make it an accent piece of furniture in your living abode. Depending on your space, you can use a big or small size pallet and transform it into an extra table beside your favorite chair.

8. Vinyl strip side table

Freshen up the look of your plain side table by wrapping it up with white vinyl strips. Attach the strips at the end of the top and base, then cinch them tightly in the middle. It does not only change the appearance of the table, but it instantly amps the space where it is located, offering an eye-catching visual point.

9. Step-up side table

Go beyond the traditional and create a side table with a step-up or multiple shelves for your books and stuff. Paint it with a bright color to make it a piece of decorative accent in the room.

10. Tree Stump Side Table

One of the cool side table design ideas is to use natural materials like a tree stump. Just paint it with white to retain the distinct texture. You can add a studded belt or strip near the top to give it an elegant effect. You can choose whether you will add a glass top to have a glass side table with a wood base or just use it the way it is- a wood side table with a round surface.

Bedroom side table ideas

Side tables are considered bedroom essentials. They are must-haves to hold the bedside lamp, phone, and other personal belongings. Check out the following ideas for side tables in the bedroom for decorating inspiration.

  • Barstool. Select a plain wooden stool and paint it with color that complements or contrasts with your bedroom interior design. Opt for one with iron legs and wood top side table, which ensures more stability to hold your night lamp.
  • Side chair. Your old, favorite seat is a nice replacement to the traditional nightstand, giving a stable surface for your bedroom essentials and small lamps.
  • Dresser. It works best for small bedrooms that do not have enough space for two side tables. Aside from providing storage, it also offers an ample display space on top. The challenge is to find a dresser with a couple of inches above your bed mattress to create a balanced look.
  • Bar cart. This is one of the most practical side table décor ideas. It has two levels that accommodate most of your bedside essentials, which may also include a bottle of wine, a glass of water, and light snacks.
  • Stack of books. Use your book collection to create a chic and personalized bedside table. Stack them up until you find your desired height.
  • Vintage trunk or suitcase. Using antique trunks and suitcases are two popular side table ideas used by shabby chic interior decorators. Repurposing them is a stylish and trendy concept that gives a glimpse of the occupant’s lifestyle and preferences.

Patio side table ideas

Elevate the look of your patio by creating a relaxing alfresco corner with a comfy outdoor assemblage of furniture pieces that include weather-friendly and stylish side tables such as:

  • Upside down Terracotta planter side table. Utilize an unused big flower pot and a ceramic tray to make a gorgeous table. Paint it with white to have a clean, classic look and circled the upper upside portion with twine.
  • Stool side table with a glass top. Another creative idea is to transform a textured stool and turn it into a round glass side table. If you want to make it look more stunning and trendy, use decorative pieces of sea glass to spruce up the surface of the stool and create a modern glass side table that adds charm to your outdoor space. If you have a unique style iron stool, turn it into an iron and glass side table that offers versatility and functionality.
  • Recycled tire side table. If you have two big tires that you are about to throw away, stacking them together with rope for a rustic appeal. Adding an opaque, clear, or decorative glass on top is one of the preferred glass table ideas.

Have a wonderful DIY moment with your side tables and enjoy having them around!