If you love versatile lighting fixtures around your working or living spaces, picking up the most unique table lamps will give you a pleasurable experience. Every piece you select is not just a functional piece that provides task or ambient lighting, but also serves as an exquisite decorative accent in your favorite room. 

Whether you want a vintage or modern piece, checking designer furniture pieces in online stores will give you a comprehensive selection of the most unusual and innovative desk lamps. And with a wide array of replica designer lighting in the UK, Mobelaris is the name you can trust.

Here are 10 unique replica lamps that will give your room an exciting and fun vibe:

1. Serge Mouille Tripod Lamp

Every Serge Mouille lamp is a timeless piece to behold. This desk lamp is a high-end reproduction of his 1953 Tripod Desk Lamp featuring an Aluminum mussel shell-like shade that is hand-polished with a black finish and brass details and white-painted interior.

Its angled arm is attached by a swivel and supported by the tripod base with bent front legs. All these elements contribute to the sinuous design that is ideal for a contemporary side table, cupboard, or office desk. It is a remarkable statement piece that is crafted with precision to copy all the details of the original piece.

Serge Mouille Tripod Lamp2. Kaiser Idell Table Lamp

Kaiser Idell Lamp by Christian Dell personifies the standards of the Bauhaus designs. It is hailed as one of Dell’s flagship creations and part of the world-renowned Kaiser Idell Lamp series. It is often featured as a table accessory of detectives in various television shows, hence the moniker of being Detective Lamp. Our chic replica comes with the world-patented swivel joint that connects the base and the dome shade, resulting in a very impressive lighting fixture.

Kaiser Idell Table Lamp3. Cylinder Lamp

American-Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi made this iconic desk lamp for his sister, but apparently, it was well-loved by then so he decided to create more for the public. After more than 70 years, this three-legged Cylinder Lamp remains as one of the bestselling and much-copied lighting fixtures.

Our own version is an exact reproduction of his unique, minimalist linear style and organic design that suits any kind of modern or vintage console, nightstand, and table. It delivers ambient lighting to the bedroom, living room, baby room, or study room.

Cylinder Lamp4. Melt Table Lamp

Inspired by Tom Dixon’s Melt Table Lamp, our Rose Gold version captured the overall aesthetics and construction of his works. This charming lighting fixture has a transparent colored polycarbonate dome that brings a natural and organic ambiance to your space.

When the light is on, it brings a translucent and hypnotic play of the hallucinogenic lava flame that gently illuminates the surroundings. The mirror-finish effect when the light is turned off enhances the appeal of the room. Stylish and innovative, this distorted lighting glacier glass lamp is a beautiful work of art.

Melt Table Lamp5. Mushroom Table Lamp

Our mushroom-inspired table lamp offers a unique, organic, and untraditional style, creating a modern-art Deco feel. The Aluminum Base and Smoked Glass Shade provide a diffused glow that suits any modern or conventional setting. It comes with an alloy base that solidly supports the shade and completes the overall elegant effect.

Mushroom Table Lamp6. Grasshopper Desk Lamp

This table lamp is the portable version of Grasshopper Floor Lamp which are both parts of the Greta Grossman Grasshopper series. The sleek construction and features of the lamp encapsulate the essence of the mid-century modern style that is now recognized as one of the most versatile industrial styles that revolutionized the design industry.

It features carbon steel and copper components, remarkably enhancing the organic shape of the shade and base. Just like the original piece, its shade rotates in 360 degrees and can be titled or adjusted to address your lighting needs.

Grasshopper Desk Lamp7. Globe Table Lamp

The elegant and minimalist design of this premium table lamp displays the influence of Bauhaus to German designer Wilhelm Wagenfield. A lot of people called it the ‘Bauhaus Lamp’ because it captures the signature industrial style of the design school that works well with any interior of a contemporary home or office space.

Our version of this pretty globe lamp features a stainless steel cylindrical stem, thick glass base, and rounded opalescent glass shade that generates a diffused, glowing illumination.

 Globe Table Lamp

8.Snoopy Table Lamp

For avid collectors of unique and classic items, our premium replica of Snoopy Lamp is a deal-breaker. The eye-catching, beagle-like design with a curved aluminum reflector was conceptualized by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

The brothers were inspired by the well-loved Snoopy character of Charles Schultz and combined the state of the art techniques with innovative materials to make an enameled character head. Mobelaris’ replica copied all the details and added a touch sensor and a cooling system via the three holes on the top.

Snoopy Table Lamp9. Dusk Table Lamp

If you are looking for a funky, modern design that will bring a touch of originality in your personal or office space, our replica of the Dusk Table Lamp by Nicolaj Noddesbo & Tommy Hyldahl original work is a great choice.

It is a striking sculptural piece of art that is inspired by modern art and a sustainable lifestyle. It is not just a beautiful accent, but also a functional item that adds warmth to any room.

dusk Table Lamp10. Equatore Table Lamp

This charming piece is a reproduction of the original Equatore Table Lamp by award-winning architects Oscar and Gabriele Buratti. It is made of metal and glass panel that emits an upward and downward illumination from the two luminous discs that are placed inside the core metal band. This classic lighting fixture displays the aesthetic and functional interpretation of fascinating elements and components.

Equatore Table Lamp


As the leading supplier of reproduction furniture, accessories, and lighting fixtures in the UK, we make sure that every table lamp comes with the Mobelaris guarantee of excellent craftsmanship, quality materials, and reasonable warranty that will give you peace of mind while enjoying its benefits.