Studio living is now a popular option for those who want a private, functional space that can accommodate the best furniture for a studio apartment. However, decorating can be a real challenge because of the open, small floor plan. To help you with this dilemma, we rounded up great ideas that will help you make a micro-living in a studio apartment a relaxing and exciting one.

What furniture do I need for a studio apartment?

Before sprucing up your flat, list the basic and essential furniture you need. From there, you can add more home accessories.

  • Bed. Find a bed with built-in drawers underneath or a high bed that lets you hide storage boxes under it.
  • See-through furniture. Acrylic or Lucite console, coffee table, or chairs provide an illusion of space as your eyes go through them. These pieces of furniture for a studio apartment make the area look bigger and free from the clutter, aside from being lightweight and convenient to move around.
  • Double-duty furniture. The best furniture for a small apartment works double like an expandable nightstand that serves as a work table, an ottoman that works as a coffee table, or a bookshelf that becomes clothing storage.
  • A settee, a love seat, or a bench. Rather than a big couch that eats up space, opt for a petite-sized settee that provides space to stretch out your body. It is the ideal furniture for a studio apartment because it can be an extra bed for a guest or a dining chair. Another smart choice is a backless bench that you can easily tuck in under the table.
  • Pedestal table. This round table with a slim pedestal base is ideal for compact spaces like a studio apartment, making it easier to squeeze more seats around it.

Decorating ideas for a studio apartment

The right decors will help you optimize your apartment’s available space and create a home that you deserve.

  • Use mirrors. Mirrored furniture and framed mirrors are two decorating ideas that work well for a small studio apartment because they reflect the light across the room, creating a vibe of lightness and brightness.
  • Dress up the walls with removable wallpaper. Personalize your space with a peel and stick 3D or traditional-style wallpaper. It is one of the decorating ideas for a studio apartment if the landlord does not allow repainting it. Experimenting with patterned paper brings depth and drama to your interior design.
  • Use your walls. Do not waste your wall space, add pegs and hooks to hang your favorite décor, pictures, and other functional items. Infuse a mix of framed prints or artworks to add character to your gallery wall.
  • Create a stylish statement. It can be vintage or ultra-modern piece of furniture, a patterned rug, or anything that attracts the eye.

Design Ideas for a studio apartment

Make your space cozy and fun with these design tricks that can amazingly transform your tiny studio apartment:

  • Opt for a loft bedroom. If you want to maximize the space of your tiny flat, have a loft bed. It is one of the smart ideas for a studio apartment, letting you use the other spaces for dining and living spaces.
  • Divide and conquer. One of the design ideas for a small studio apartment is to generate a visual separation with the help of a decorative glass wall, an open bookshelf, a slim sofa, or a narrow console table to separate the living space from the bedroom. You can also drape diaphanous fabric curtains around the bed to keep the sleeping area private and intimate.
  • Use every nook and corner. Invest in a flexible, innovative, and modern furniture that maximizes the square footage like the expanding kitchen console or built-in cabinet walls. Open shelving is also on the list of good ideas for a studio apartment because it lets you take advantage of the apartment’s vertical space, providing storage and display area for your stuff.

Studio apartment colors

The general rule is to choose a neutral color scheme to promote a peaceful atmosphere, giving you room to breathe and enjoy a cool ambiance or opt for the following ideas:

  • Paint it with complementary colors. One secret to creating continuity and cohesiveness of studio apartment colors is to paint the entrance and living room areas with complementary colors, keeping the bright pink color in your bedroom.
  • Create an accent wall with a deeper shade of color. There are no rules with studio apartment colors, so you can choose hot reds, electric blues, or radiant yellow to make an accent wall. Experiment with colors, but do not forget to add black furnishings or floor lamps to highlight your selected hues.

Best lighting for a studio apartment

Good lighting is one of the fastest ways to make your bright design ideas for a studio apartment materialize. It also influences the occupant’s mood and makes the space more comfortable and welcoming.

  • Take advantage of the natural light. The best lighting in a studio apartment is still the natural light. Amplify this light by placing mirrors across the windows to reflect it around the compact space.
  • Add recessed lighting. Spotlights are versatile pieces that bring recessed lighting to the small space. Recessed lighting highlights focal areas, making them look visually larger while illuminating dark corners. Add replica designer lights to enhance the general ambiance of your apartment.
  • Employ track lighting. Another excellent lighting for a studio apartment is the track lighting that provides direct light to areas needing ample illumination without taking up lots of space. You can be artsy and add pendant lights.
  • Mix and match light fixtures. Use different types of lighting in your studio apartment to optimize its potential. Install wall lamps and incorporate floor lamps to enhance the brightness of the area.
  • Find the perfect light bulb. It is necessary to choose the right light bulb to generate the desired mood and vibe of your living space. Add a dimmer to control the tone and help you create layers of lighting for your studio apartment.

Remembering all these decorating ideas for a studio apartment will make your tiny space feel more like home. Don’t forget to add your favorite accents because personal touches bring more fun and meaning to studio living.