Have you ever wondered why the dining room is called the heart of every home? Well, the reason is that it wears multiple hats. It is the epicenter of family and friends’ indoor bonding which includes enjoying good food, entertaining guests, and sometimes becoming an instant home office. Because you spend a lot of time in this room every day, perhaps it’s time to do a dining room makeover to freshen up its ambiance and look.

Steps for a dining room makeover

Step 1: Mix and match

If your goal is to have a modern dining room, you can choose whether you want a chic contemporary interior design, a mid-century modern style, or blend two popular themes.

Here are some tips to make a mix and match process easy for you:

  • Identify two themes that you like to combine before shopping for new pieces of furniture and home accessories. Popular styles include Mid-century modern style, Victorian style, Traditional style, Nordic or Scandinavian style, Coastal style, Rustic style, Memphis style, and Transitional style.
  • Establish a pattern that ties different elements together. This is to avoid visual confusion and clashes of elements, creating a cohesive, bright, and conducive environment.
  • Choose the color scheme that would blend with the existing color palette in other rooms. You also have the freedom to choose contrasting colors if you want to have a statement wall or spruce up your ceiling.
  • Use a two-color combination to add vibrancy to the dining area. Instead of using the common yellow and blue combination, try other colors to spice up your makeover project in the dining room like orange, red, or green shades. Another way to emphasize color schemes is to have a monochromatic neutral color on the walls, windows, and floor with a surprising pop of bright colors in some sections. Combining cool and warm colors with the natural light delivers an inviting ambiance.
  • Create a statement piece that will be the ‘wow’ factor in the room. It can be your most favorite collection or an ‘off-theme’ object that you can use as the star of the entire room. Or you can buy a vintage dining table to upgrade the look of the room instantly.
  • Pair a retro pedestal dining table with modern, acrylic chairs, rather than the usual matching dining table and chairs set. Use benches instead of chairs if you love entertaining friends. They accommodate more people and save a lot of space. You can easily push them beneath the table when not in use and pull when you need them.
  • Mix vintage Scandinavian furniture with modern pieces to make your dining room fabulous. This type of furniture is highly-popular among home decorators because of its monochromatic color palette, balanced form, lovely silhouette, and functionality. It delivers a timeless, yet modern appeal that is perfect for all types of interior theme. Another way to highlight an era-inspired corner is to add a piece of stylish Scandinavian design furniture.
  • Replace your traditional seats with modern dining chairs that are made of acrylic, PVC, mesh, or steel. A great option is to buy designer chair replicas, which are made to mimic the original construction and features of iconic pieces designed by popular furniture makers. Buy different colors to add more vibrant energy in the dining area.
  • Combine modern and classic chairs or mix chairs by style and era. Replace one of the dining chairs with an antique chair for added flair. Mixing trendy and vintage chairs break the monotony and play up the drama.
  • Play up the light and dark elements. If you have windows, allow the natural light to brighten up the room. If you have a dark wood table, chairs, and other furniture, paint the ceiling and walls with white or neutral tones to create an illusion of bigger space. A vintage crystal and brass hanging lamp or chandelier is a perfect contrast for a neutral-colored ceiling.

Step 2: Get a dining table makeover.

There’s no need to buy a new dining table during your makeover because there are a lot of ways to upgrade its look to match the new interior style you want for your dining room.

Check out these do-it-yourself dining room table makeover projects:

  • Refurbish your table by waxing and painting the top with a dark gray color. To complete the restoration and produce a stunning piece of the modern-vintage table, paint the base with white.
  • Stain your old dining table to alter the wood tone, then personalize the look with flower stencil, monogram stencil, or quoted art stencil. Stencil treatments let you stamp your own personality with custom patterns and name letters.
  • Another easy old dining table makeover trick is to cover the surface with sheet metal like zinc, copper, or stainless steel.
  • Paint the color with one solid vibrant color to make it the point of interest in the room.
  • Give your dining table a weathered or distressed appearance by stripping the old color and whitewashing the new stain.
  • Replace the outdated top with marble or concrete tabletop.
  • Add exquisite crystal or glass ornaments on the top to add sparkle.

Step 3: Give your dining chair a makeover.

  • A nice idea for dining room chair makeovers is to paint the frames of your chairs with a vivid green or red color while keeping the rest of the furnishings in neutral colors and whites.
  • If your dining chairs have removable seats, refurbish them using vintage or new burlap or a crochet chevron-pattern fabric. Repaint the wood or metal frames and give them a brand new look.
  • Use slipcovers to make a quick and hassle-free dining chair makeover. You can have a variety of pretty slipcovers to create a mood you want. For neutral theme, go for white slipcovers. To catch the attention of people, add a corset-like lace in the back portion.
  • Give your basic chairs a modern edge by painting them with contrasting colors like brown and gold or cherry-red and gold. Study the color combinations first before embarking on your DIY project.
  • Use a spray-paint over a nice stencil pattern. Upgrade the outside back section of your dining room chairs by picking up a pretty pattern and taping it on the center. Apply two coats of paint around the edges and stencil openings. Dry before peeling off the stencil.

Step 4: Maximize your wall space.

  • Maximize space with wall shelves. Floating shelves are wonderful additions because they anchor and define the space while giving you extra storage to display your decorative items and dinnerware.
  • Use one section as an accent wall and stylish backdrop. You can paint it or use a patterned wallpaper. Go for a hand-painted wall mural to upscale the look in a bold, dramatic way.
  • Show off your collection of creative clocks in the kitchen. Display them in your statement wall and enjoy watching them while dining with your family.
  • Elevate the sophistication of your dining nook by adding modern, abstract paintings on the wall. Showcase your own artworks, too.
  • Amplify the dining space with mirrored walls. For a more laid-back look, add a beautiful vintage-style mirror in one section of the wall.
  • Craft a wall narrative by displaying eye-catching and interesting framed photos of your family or your travels. Mix and match the frames to make a captivating display that gives a glimpse of your personality or family’s favorite bonding activities.
  • Create a casual gallery wall and show off your exquisite collection of vintage decors, mementos, and clocks in the kitchen.

Step 5: Consider statement lighting.

Lighting fixture adds glamor and enhances the modern look of your dining room makeover. Here are some lighting ideas for dining rooms that you use to set the mood:

  • Add modern pendant lights. These versatile pieces of lighting fixtures provide enough light over your dining table.
  • If you love art and drama, find a very modern and artful chandelier to catch the attention of everyone. Choose a giant light fixture that doubles up as a piece of art that will draw the eyes up to your ceiling.
  • For a more casual, country feel, opt for a pair of modern or vintage lanterns overhead.
  • Putting spotlights to highlight your collection is one of the lighting ideas for the kitchen and dining room. Create a nook of your collectibles and display them proudly.
  • Have an ethereal ambiance with a modern lighting fixture that shines through the glass spheres above the dining table, creating a diffused and sparkling effect.
  • Layer your lighting fixtures to ensure you have different types of lighting for specific needs. For recessed lighting, add some lamps that provide ambient illumination. To brighten up dull or dark corners in the room, install some accent light fixtures. It helps if your lamps and lights have a dimmer that allows you to set the right ambiance.

The final touch is to accessorize. Accessorizing your dining room is like putting a cherry on the top of your favorite ice cream. However, it is important to have a methodical approach when picking up accessories to prevent a cluttered look. There is a beauty in having less or minimalism approach. Always consider the size, shape, and scale of the dining area to optimize the space and sustain a balanced look.

Here’s how to accessorize a dining room:

1. Create a lovely centerpiece like flowers in a crystal vase, fresh fruits in a transparent bowl, faux-flower stems in a high vase, or scented candles in vintage holders.

2. Display decorative glass bottles on your wall shelves or recessed open-cabinets.

3. Squeeze in a modern, sleek bar cart to hold your favorite wine along with wine glasses. You can also choose to dress it up and use it to display your planter and other stuff. A rolling cart gives more convenience.

4. Add warmth and texture by adding a rug. It unifies the look of the dining area, tying up all the elements to create a homey and elegant space.

5. If you have a sideboard, use it to display a large vase and low-profile decanters. Add cute trays and spice jars to store the smaller stuff. Use your attractive, functional items like serving pieces, trivets, and paper and salt shakers as decors by styling them in vignettes on the surface.

Giving your dining room a makeover does not entail breaking the bank, all it takes is planning and being creative. Refurbish your old furniture and find the right place for everything. Add pops of colors and statement light fixtures, and you’re done!