A chair is a piece of home furniture that is both functional and decorative. When buying versatile pieces, it is essential to know what types of chairs you need for the living room or any room in your house.

Types of chairs for the living room

When shopping for the chairs, you must consider the size of the area and your lifestyle before buying the types of chairs you want for the living room. Here are some ideas:

  • Accent chair. It is smaller in scale compared to other living room chairs and often referred to as an occasional chair.
  • Slipper chair.It is an upholstered, armless chair with low legs.
  • Side chair.It is the perfect pair for a side table and serves as an additional seat in the living area.
  • Club chair.This 19th century English seat is made of leather material and has a low back and arms.
  • Reclining chair.A recliner is best if you enjoy watching your favorite TV show or reading a book with feet up.
  • Wing chair. It has wings or side panels on the back. It was originally designed to shield the occupant from the fireplace heat or drafts in the room.
  • Oversized chair.It is also called one and a half chair, smaller than a loveseat but larger than a chair.
  • Chaise lounge.semi-reclining long and narrow chair is ideal for relaxation. Choose designer lounge chairs that add a modern or retro-chic vibe in the room.

How to buy a desk chair?

Not all chairs are constructed equal, so we rounded up essential tips to be your desk chair buying guide. This office chair buyers’ guide includes the crucial factors you need to consider when searching for the perfect chair that will keep your spine in the correct position.

Office chair buying guide

Lumbar support

Look for a chair with contoured lumbar support that protects your lower back curvature. It should have an adjustable backrest that reclines at least 15 degrees in any kind of sitting position to prevent back strain.


A good office chair should have 5 to 14 different adjustments, letting you find the right seat and back angle, arm height and width, tension control, and seat back height and width.

Swivel base and wheelbase

Office chair should swivel freely to help you reach out stuff in your table. The rolling motion of the wheels lets you rotate easily and work efficiently. Choose chairs with five legs to support the optimum weight and casters that are appropriate for your flooring surface.


Look for cushioned and contoured, adjustable armrests prevent muscle tensions or leaning to one side that leads to poor body posture.


The fabric materials used in office chairs should be breathable to prevent it from becoming hot after long hours of sitting.

Types of chairs for office

  • Executive chair. This chair has a single-piece seat and suits meeting rooms and boardrooms.
  • Ergonomic chair. Compared to the traditional desk chair, this chair has movable backs and adjustable seating positions and armrests.
  • Mesh chair. This office chair is a good option if you want superior breathability and easy air circulation.

How to buy a high chair?

The high chair is a vital piece of furniture when feeding your kid. The market is saturated with different styles of high chairs, so it is important to be knowledgeable about how to choose a high chair.

  1. Safety. The safety features should be your top consideration. They are the safety-restraint system with a 5-point harness, a crotch post, and locking wheels.
  2. Design and style. It comes in a variety of styles such as functional, practical, and traditional.  Functional types have reclining seats, adjustable chair heights, and adjustable trays. Practical or Grow-with-me high chairs are convertible to booster chairs when the child becomes ready to eat at the table. Traditional high chairs do not fold or transform into child seats.
  3. Assembly and returns. Opt for a fully assembled high chair if you dislike assembling. Always keep the receipt.

Materials used for chairs

  • Wood. It remains the most popular material for a chair because it is environment-friendly, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.
  • Stainless steel or Aluminum. Any of them is a great choice because of their ability to withstand the weather elements if used for outdoor chairs. They are also easy to clean, lightweight, and durable.
  • Bamboo or Rattan (Wicker). This is the most earth-friendly option and perfect materials used for minimalist or textured chairs.
  • Wrought iron. The heaviness of wrought iron makes it the ideal choice for outdoor chairs in windy areas. It also creates a rustic-chic vibe in your patio or deck.
  • Fiberglass or Polypropylene. Fiberglass is an extremely strong, fade-resistant, and waterproof material for a chair, while the polypropylene is packed with UV stabilizers that enhance its durability.

The most favorite materials for chair seats are:

  • Leather. It gives clean lines and a smooth finish, offering a sophisticated, plush, luxurious feel in the room. The material wears and scuffs naturally, which adds character and charm in the chair as the years go by.
  • Fabric. This material for the chair comes in different hues and patterns. It is a nice choice if you want to add a lively splash of colors in your room or make it casual.
  • Microfiber.This easy-to-maintain and clean material is the best option if you have children or pets.

Types of wood chairs

There is a wide range of wooden chairs for indoor and outdoor use. For the outdoors, the top favorites are the deck chairs, loungers, and folding chairs. Loungers have a bigger frame that accommodates two or more people and with large wheels on the side for convenient mobility and adjustable brackets. Folding wooden chairs are more stylish and lightweight. Deck chairs are made of wood slats with matching footrests that allow you to turn it into a lounger.

Types of deck chairs

  • Outdoor lounge. This stylish, outdoor recline chair accommodates the whole body for total relaxation.
  • Patio rocking chairs and gliders. If you want a bit of motion while enjoying the fresh air in your deck, gliders and rocking chairs are two types of a rocking chair that you need to acquire.
  • Outdoor club. This padded seat is incredibly comfortable and larger than the traditional patio chairs.
  • Teardrop. This chair is typically big and occupies a lot of space, so it is usually tucked away in a corner. It offers a private and cozy space when you want to read a book or relax.
  • Adirondack chair. It is one of the stylish types of wood chairs with wide armrests and high back that can be reclined close to the ground.
  • Hammock chair. It offers a gentle rocking motion and utmost comfort while enjoying your outdoor scenery.

Invest wisely by buying the best chair for your home or office space to ensure comfort and stress-free activity.