The coffee table is a popular piece of furniture that you can see in almost every home, especially in the living room. Oftentimes, it is the missing piece that fills in the gap to complete the look of the interior. It does a lot of functions like holding your books, food, refreshments, and lamps. It also serves as a handy place to write or play a game.

Picking out the perfect one for your living space ensures that it will answer your needs and fit the theme of your interior. Here are three vital questions that will help you focus on basic considerations when buying a coffee table:

How to choose a coffee table size?

  1. Choose the right size. Be mindful of the proportions to ensure that there is enough room to move freely around the table. The ideal size of the coffee table is not more than 2/3 of the sofa. A classic coffee table is about 48 by 24 inches and perfect for a small to medium seating arrangement. For larger sofas, you can have a 48 by 48-inches coffee table.
  1. Pay attention to the height. The height should be the same height or a little taller than your sofa cushion so you will enjoy the convenience of accessing the drinks or foods on the table. If you have a lounge seating or low sofas and want a more laid-back feel, consider a low coffee table.
  1. Consider the clearance and space. To optimize the functionality of the coffee table, consider its placement. Keep a minimum of 30-centimeter on the sides to gain plenty of free space. If you have a small space, placing multiple coffee tables help you create a flexible, layered, sophisticated effect.

How to choose a coffee table shape?

There are two factors that you need to consider when choosing the shape of the coffee table- the size of the room and the seating configuration you want. Find the perfect solution with the following options:

  • Round or oval-shaped coffee table. It is the best choice if you have little kids. There are no sharp edges that can cause injury or harm and the curved lines add softness to the room. It can also soften the sharp and harsh lines in the room, creating a more feminine and warm ambiance.
  • Rectangular coffee table. This classic shape works well with any type of rectangular sofas, optimizing the available space. It provides adequate surface and perfect for small living rooms.
  • Square coffee table. It is perfect for a large couch or loveseat.

How to choose the right coffee table for a sectional?

Choosing the right coffee table for the sectional sofa is a bit tricky, so it is necessary to consider the shape and size that will balance the angular configuration and produce a cohesive look.

Consider the width, height, and visual weight

Balance is the key to create a cozy and attractive living room, so always pick a coffee table that is proportional to the scale and size of your sectional sofa.

  • For U-shaped sectional, the great pair is a round coffee table. The circular shape offers more navigation space and easily fills in the gaps. The next best option is a rectangular piece which is a little smaller than the center area of the sofa.
  • For L-shaped sectional sofas, chaise sectionals, or loveseat-sofa combinations, opt for a rectangular or oval coffee table because they can easily fill the gap of the elongated space. The next best choice is round, organic, or odd-shaped coffee table.
  • For corner or square sectionals, the excellent choice is a square or round coffee table because it allows everyone to access the table.

Create a breathing distance

The rule of thumb to ensure perfect balance and convenience of the occupants is leaving a 20-inches space between the coffee table and the cushion of your sofa. Size also matters for sectionals so if you have a large sectional, pair it with a medium to a large coffee table if you have a spacious area. Take advantage of your bare corner and place a tall, small coffee table as an accent piece or a focal point.

Check out the rest of your furniture

If you see that there are many similar-shaped furniture in the room, pick a different style to create impressive visual contrast and break the monotony. You can choose to have a vintage coffee table to add a sense of history in your home space.

There is no denying that a coffee table provides a myriad of functions which is the reason for its popularity. Keep them in mind and the basic tips on how to choose a coffee table to gain its full benefits. If you need to know your options, check out reliable online stores like this one here.