Lighting is vital to the design and ambiance of the room, in particular, the living area. One of the most versatile lighting fixtures is the floor lamp because it does not only provide illumination but also serves as a beautiful accent. When buying the right one for your living room, it is necessary to know the trade secrets on how to choose a floor lamp.

Basic tips on how to choose a floor lamp for the living room

1. Identify the purpose.

There is a specific reason why you need a floor lamp for your home or office. Generally, the three types of lighting you need are ambient, accent, and task. For ambient lighting, the shaded lamps are perfect. If your purpose is to brighten up your favorite reading nook or working area, look for a reading lamp with a flexible arm or tilting shade which gives you a focused and direct lighting for various tasks. An arch floor lamp is also ideal for this type of purpose because it can stretch over the space or way up. For accent lighting, a torchiere is recommended.

2. Find the right size.

Another crucial factor on how to choose a floor lamp is the space that it will occupy. You need to look for a lamp that will not cramp up or obstruct the surrounding area of its location. Tripod floor lamps, for example, takes more space compared to the torchiere or shaded lamps.

3. Get the perfect height.

Remember that the higher the source of light, the wider the illumination. Look for the types of floor lamps with adjustable heights, letting you find the right amount of light you need. Another factor is the height of the ceiling. A short lamp is not appropriate for a room with a very high ceiling, likewise, a lamp that is almost as high as the ceiling is a silly decision.

To find the perfect fit for your living or working space, use the eye level rule when choosing the floor lamp height.

  • If you are sitting in a chair, the bottom of the shade should be at your eye level.
  • The shade should be below or at your eye level to avoid its glare if you are on the sofa.

4. Check the features.

Buy a floor lamp with the features you want like:

  • Built-in dimmers - Some floor lamps feature a line cord foot dimmer while others have a knob switch dimmer. A dimmer allows you to increase or decrease the light level to set the mood.
  • USB – A floor lamp with a USB port allows you to charge your mobile phones and other electronic devices, which is convenient especially if you are working.
  • Double pull chains – If you prefer the traditional dimming mechanism, opt for a floor lamp with pull chains that set the light in any of the two levels.

5. Invest with quality pieces to get the value of your money.

When it comes to the cost of the floor lamps, the design pieces cost more than the basic models. So, if you want a floor lamp that doubles up as a work of art, be ready to shell out more money and buy a floor lamp that speaks quality and great aesthetics.

What are the most popular floor lamps on the market today? Here are some of them:

Industrial design floor lamp

One of the most popular styles that modern homemakers and designers choose for their home improvement projects is the industrial design floor lamp. The typical hallmark of this style is a bare Edison bulb. It usually uses an unfinished wood or a cast iron, reminiscent of a country-style, but with a rugged or rough-hewn appearance. This lamp features highly utilitarian aesthetics that attract people who want unusual and eye-catching pieces of light fixtures in their living or working spaces.

Wood floor lamps

When it comes to the base material, the wood floor lamps remain the top choice because it provides a perfect vibe to any kind of interior design. Wood floor lamps offer a sense of warmth and texture to the room. Whether you want a country, rustic look or contemporary functional accent, a wooden floor lamp is the best designing solution. The trick is to look at how it is carved, shaped, and sanded, so keep that in mind to master the skills on how to choose a floor lamp for your living room.

Tripod floor lamps

The unique and chic look of the floor lamp in the tripod base becomes its selling point, boosting the popularity on the market. The reinvented, innovative, and stylish design of these tripod floor lamps gives freshness to the interior setting of contemporary homes and offices. They are incredibly decorative, multifunctional, and mobile. A metal tripod floor lamp is more sculptural and industrial, adding an intriguing and trendy effect to the luxurious living room.

With these tips on how to choose a floor lamp, we hope you find the right one for your needs and taste in home interior.