Once your little bundle of joy reaches four to six months old, he is ready for purees and soft, solid foods. During this period, a high chair becomes your handy and reliable companion, making it easy for you to supervise his mealtime. This seat gives him a convenient and safe place to experiment with tastes and textures. Another holy grail when picking up the right chair is its capability to hold your toddler in place, keeping him safe at all times. A chair may look perfect, but unless it brings a hundred protection and helps your child sit upright comfortably, it is not an ideal choice.

How to choose a high chair?

Choosing a high chair becomes the prime concern of parents who want the best care for their toddlers. To make your quest easier, we rounded up the vital elements on how to choose a high chair.


The most popular types of high chairs are the wooden high chair, portable and hook-on, metal/plastic-framed, and full-featured high chair. Check out websites that sell high chairs to become familiar with the features and benefits of every type. Once you find a reputable shop with the high chair you want, check the customers’ reviews on our website and contact the customer service if you have some questions.

Adjustability and Versatility

Look for a high chair that will grow with your child. Basically, a high chair can be used until he becomes three years old, but it is better to choose one that can be converted to a low chair when he is ready to eat with the family at the dining table. Opt for a high chair that converts to a kid-sized chair or a booster seat, saving you from buying a new chair when he becomes bigger.

Another adaptable feature that you should consider is the adjustable and removable tray that allows you to position the child closer to the table or prevents squeezing his tummy as he grows older.


The key elements to ensure safety are the harness, crotch post, and buckle. Make sure that the high chair has a 3-point or 5-point safety harness to prevent the child from slipping out or standing up. Pick the one with sturdy legs and a wider base to avoid tipping over and self-locking wheels to prevent roll-away motion.


A high chair with padded seats ensures the comfort of your child’s bottom. For older babies, get one with an adjustable footrest that gives your child a more stable sitting position. Make sure that the footrest is appropriately placed to keep him from pulling his legs up into the seat. There should be extra paddings on the back and seat to ensure the protection of the back of the legs from sharp edges.


Mealtime with toddlers is a messy affair, so get a high chair that is easy to clean. It should have a removable and dishwasher-safe tray to keep away the hassle of cleaning up. It is also important to choose a chair with easy-to-wipe surfaces, nooks, and crevices because toddlers can be very skilled when it comes to messing up.

Once you tick off all these essential things on how to choose a high chair, you and your child will enjoy mealtimes together, making the transition to solid foods smooth and stress-free. So, take your time during the selection and see how it fits your space and family lifestyle. In the end, a sturdy, secure, and easy-to-clean high chair is always the best choice.