Modern sideboards are essential pieces that serve as a display table or storage. These functional pieces have come a long way from being extra serving surfaces in the dining area to vital furniture. Nowadays, sideboards shine as a versatile addition to bedrooms, offices, and almost all types of rooms, providing ample space to tuck away clothes and things and keeping everything well-organized.

Importance of sideboard in the bedroom

  • Go-to-storage. It offers plenty of room to keep your essentials. It typically comes with adjustable shelves for sweaters, shirts, and jeans as well as a couple of drawers for your undies, socks, jewelry, and makeup.
  • Display console. Choose one with a spacious and pretty surface to put your favorite trinkets, decors, photo frames, flowers, or books.
  • Statement piece. Pick a modern sideboard or a 70s-inspired sideboard with exquisite design or unique style that reflects your personality and taste.

Bedroom sideboards ideas

  • Choose a large bedroom sideboard that features full-size cabinets and pullout drawers to organize your basic clothing and accessories.
  • Opt for modern sideboards with flat tops that allow you to place media accessories or flat-screen large television, letting you enjoy Netflix and movies in the comfort of your bed.
  • Define the focal area of your bedroom with a stylish sideboard dresser that helps to maintain a clutter-free and well-organized space. Traditional dressers offer limited storage space, unlike sideboards which usually have two drawers and top space for display purposes.
  • Flex your space furnishings with a sleek 70s sideboard that gives you a sense of pride and joy. Choose the right size, color, and style that will enhance the look of your sleeping sanctuary.

Most popular bedroom sideboards style

70s sideboard

Many large bedroom sideboards are a revival of 70s vintage patterns that include flowery motifs, chevron, and stripes with curved edges and geometric contrasts, creating a big impact in contemporary settings.

Traditional Style

It is more formal with elaborate and ornate details in the design. A sideboard in the bedroom in this style provides an elegant look and ambiance to your bedroom because of features like hand-carved details, classic turned legs, and dark wood finishes.

Country or Rustic Style

If you want layers of texture in your bedroom interior, a retro-modern sideboard which is crafted from weathered or distressed wood with natural hue finish is a perfect option.

Modern and contemporary style

Modern sideboards come in different colors, shapes, and materials. They have minimalist, practical, and clean-lined look that appeal to homeowners who want seamless and no-fuss pieces of furniture inside their living spaces. The trend today is low or medium-high sideboard made of metal, wood, and glass. Some employ sliding doors for more convenience.

When choosing a new sideboard in your bedroom, it is important to list your preferences to facilitate finding the right piece that blends in and complements your interior design. Knowing what style and size you want will help you keep an eye on pieces that match your taste.