One of the staples of modern home living is the coffee table. It is a versatile piece of furniture that comes in different coffee table designs to match any kind of interior theme. It gives not only an ideal spot to enjoy your coffee or wine, but also adds a “wow” factor and distinct character to your home.

Types of coffee tables

With so many options available, it is essential to be clear about what you want. The most popular types of coffee tables are:

Wood and glass coffee table

A wooden coffee table with a glass top is highly sought because of its sophisticated appearance. The transparent effect of glass highlights the elaborately crafted or simple wood base. This type of coffee table is environmentally friendly and does not compromise durability and functionality.

Glass and metal coffee table

This incredible table is another ideal choice for contemporary homes. Opting for an iron leg coffee table will assure you that you will enjoy its functionality for many years. Glass tops add visual space and a luxurious sheen that enhances its construction.

Stone top coffee table.

Marbles are usually used as a top surface of coffee tables because of their unique color and designs. Although this type of table is a bit heavy, it guarantees its strength and durability to hold any stuff you want to showcase. Moreover, it needs a big piece of stone, wood, or metal base to accommodate its weight.

Coffee table designer piece

If you like a unique and innovative type of coffee table, the perfect choice is this table. It is the perfect statement piece that will enhance the look of your favorite nook at home. The price tag may be higher, but it is worth the cost if you love fantastic coffee table designs from popular designers or shops.

Coffee table styles

The coffee table designs make them a truly striking focal point in the room. Here are five of the most familiar styles that are perfect for modern, vintage, formal, or informal home decorating schemes.

  • Industrial coffee table - Industrial style evokes the vibe of factory tools because it primarily uses metal materials that are weathered or made to look as if they have been salvaged. A coffee table with metal legs is a great example because of its purposeful and defining look that brings a contrast to a softer surrounding while blending well with any retro theme.
  • Mid-century coffee table - This style became famous between the 1950s and 60s, with different types of coffee tables displaying clean, simple lines and using molded plastic construction or bentwood. The simple elegance of the construction and design shows off their natural beauty, pairing well with luxurious upholstered pieces of furniture.
  • Traditional coffee table - It is one of the most common coffee table designs that you will see. It has a classic, timeless charm with an oval or rectangle surface. A traditional coffee table has ornate detailing like carvings, inlaid tops, or curved legs and uses premium wood. For people who love to entertain a group of friends, a long, traditional coffee table is the best option because it provides more surface space for food, drinks, and other stuff.
  • Contemporary coffee table - A contemporary style is a popular trend and usually refers to modern coffee table designs or popular coffee table designer pieces. An example of this style is a glass-top coffee table with metal legs. The distinctive features of this style include bold, bright accents, stark interiors, and novel components like the transformative design.
  • Transitional coffee table - This coffee table style falls between the modern and traditional style, offering a more casual and functional feel that suits most home interior designs. You can find various types of low coffee tables under this style.

Coffee Table Buying Guide

  1. Shape. When you buy a coffee table, it is important to select the best shape that will maximize the space.
    • Round coffee table. It fills up a huge square space, visually softening the ambiance of a corner and creating a wonderful contrast from angled or linear elements in the room. A low coffee table works excellently with a small seating arrangement or short sofas.
    • Oval coffee table. It is the perfect table if you have children. The curved edge eliminates sharp corners that can injure them when they bump into it. It fits long couches or sofas.
    • Square coffee table. It is a good addition to large seating configurations, sectional sofas, or loveseats. Like round tables, it works well in a condensed seating arrangement.
    • Rectangular coffee table. It suits the long, narrow space or small room. Consider getting a coffee table designer piece that matches lovely couches and offers more top surface space for books and other favorite table decors.
  2. Size. The length of your coffee table should be two-thirds of the sofa length to create a balanced proportion. The height must be around the same height as the sofa cushion or about 45-centimeters. Always take into consideration the size of your room and the other furniture or elements when you buy a coffee table to prevent making it appear as too dainty, too small, too large, or too heavy against them. The correct coffee tables sizes help you achieve a cohesive and balance of all interior elements.
  3. Functionality. Besides giving space for your refreshments, the coffee table also provides extra storage for your little stuff like coasters, house magazines, games, remote controls, phone chargers, and more. A good deal of coffee table designs come with drawers and shelves where you can hide the stuff that you usually use, but sometimes difficult to find. The organizational feature keeps the room clutter-free.

And if you do not like conventional types of coffee tables, you can always look for free-form styles that look nice in casual and original home settings. Find geometric-style coffee tables in a half-circle, hexagonal, or triangular form. For trendy and modern looks, pick a coffee table designer piece that looks like a work of art or sculpture. The more original, the better!