More and more homeowners are embracing the retro-modern interior designs, opting for furniture styles of the 70s to create a fresher and more vibrant ambiance. If your home needs a significant makeover which does not necessitate breaking down the walls, why not turn it into a perfect showcase of the 70s style and trends. If you have no idea how to start, we have a simple guide to help you go through the process.

The 70s living room

The 70s home design offers a unique balance of glam, nature, and comfort, giving your favorite space a sense of retro elegance. Incorporating seventies-style furniture with the existing pieces can be fun. Here are some tips to achieve the 70s look:

  • Look for an iconic patterned couch, which is the epitome of the furniture styles of the 70s. The signature print designs include floral, outdoor or nature scenes, animal prints, old clocks, and geometric shapes.
  • Express your individuality through the 1970s sofa styles which are usually made of teak wood and pine wood. The trademark color palette for furniture during this era is dark. The darker the better.
  • Add bean bag chairs. These comfy seats became staple seats among young adults during the 70s. The original designs were crafted from fine and luxurious leather materials. At present, there are lots of options to choose from but they remain stylish and fun to have around.
  • Another popular 1970s piece of furniture is the ottoman. This versatile piece can be used as an extra chair, a place to prop your tired feet, or a table.
  • Evoke a breezy vibe with rattan statement pieces. Rattan is one of the design elements of the retro style living room furniture. You can easily fit wicker chairs and other rattan-based furniture in the vantage corners of your living room.
  • The futuristic Tulip Chairs are also popular pairs of the kitchen table, but you can also use them as 1970s office furniture. These molded plastic chairs with aluminum base come in different colors and are wonderful additions to your working area.

The 70s house decor

At the core of this funky and bold style are the boho-chic and disco-inspired decors that bring back the bygone days. Complete the appearance of your 70s-inspired living space with the following decorating ideas:

  • Add plush shag carpets or accent rugs in the living room and bedroom for a glamorous Mid-Century modern look.
  • Get a boho look by decorating your walls with eye-popping art pieces, adding comfy pillows to your seating, and putting understated eclectic accents.
  • Recreate the look of your existing furniture by reupholstering or refurbishing them to look like the furniture styles of the 70s.
  • Pick vintage lamps as focal pieces and sources of task lighting. Find lighting fixtures that are made of brass and other metals with earthy, raw quality because they contribute to the retro style to your living space.
  • Create an appealing and sophisticated space by mixing 70s house décors in orange and olive colors. These two colors are prominent during the period, so play them up by selecting artsy and fun pieces.

As a final 70s touch, don’t forget to use the power of the mirror because they can bring an illusion of space and natural light to your vintage style.