Interior Design Trends in 2020

Interior design is always about individuality, creativity, and comfort. Year after year, interior design trends influence how people choose the furnishings and accessories of their living or working spaces. And there is no way to escape the latest trends -- whether in fashion, interior designs, music, or choice of furniture.

What’s up for 2020 interior design? Next year, there is plenty of trendy interior design to look forward to. So, prepare yourself planning what you want to keep up with the latest home interior design trends. We say goodbye to floral or copper accents, brass décor, floral or geometric patterns, vintage lighting, chic 70s style, matte finishes, and rich color palettes of 2019. We will welcome the new interior design trends for 2020, which is all about maximalism. So, expect bold shades and hues, striking design furniture and accents, and mix-match of shapes, patterns, and materials for the latest home interior design trends. Velvet will continue to be on top of the list of elements that enhance the opulence of any furniture or space.

The next year trends center around convenience, wellbeing, and sustainability amidst modern technology and lifestyle. Essentially, it focuses on the balance and harmony of classic and modern trends. It is about mindfulness in the interior design trends, making homes a refuge against the drama and stress of modern living. It is finding refuge amidst the hustle and bustle of fast-paced life with soothing tones that are inspired by nature and earth. The 2020 interior design trends embrace warm and cool hues with unexpected accent bold colors that are motivating and invigorating.

2020 Interior Design Trends

Anticipating what’s new and what’s hot for the next year provides ideas on how you will spruce up each room of your house. Luckily, the 2020 overall interior design trend is easy to decipher- simple, natural forms that exude a retro and luxurious appeal.

The interior design trends 2020 echo the organic forms and nature, with furniture and accessories that provide mellow warmth and a relaxing vibe in the indoor space. Materials that are perceived as humble and natural like the terracotta, linen, timber, hemp, rattan, jute, Vienna straw (cane), and plywood will be coming back.

Adding organic feel with real or faux plants or putting a small terrarium in the inside for a touch of greenery. Another cool idea is to create a vertical or a hanging interior garden in one corner. The 2020 interior design fosters the connection with nature, letting you bring the outside to the inside. If you have a patio, transform it using design pieces of furniture and splurge them with plush cushions and other conversation-starter decors. For boho-chic and eclectic effect, add some fairy lights.

The interior design trends also focus on eye-catching statement lighting fixtures. Glass lighting is predicted to be the hottest trend, so make sure to have fabulous glass chandeliers, lamps, and pendant lights. The lighted neon lightings will also be a fun way to brighten up the space.

Find an awesome Scandi style frosted glass lamps that provide gentle ambient glow or direct lighting. You can also put decorative candles to scale up any room.

Upcoming Trends in Modern Kitchen Design

The modern, multi-dimensional lifestyle puts the dynamics of the family in the heart of every home -- the kitchen. The interior design of the kitchen for 2020 continues to be modern and stylish, with a modern kitchen lighting design to highlight the functional zones, while the state-of-the-art furnishings provide convenience.

For those who love classic modern kitchen designs, 2020 is the year to use wood to the fullest- wood furniture, decor, interior floor, ceilings, and house structures. Dark wood is the star of the new year, unlike the previous years where light wood is favored. The dark tones add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your modern oak kitchen design. The color black is expected to be the most influential in 2020 kitchen modern interior design. This avant-garde, bold, and powerful hue is super attractive in the kitchen area and can be balanced with sleek, metal appliances, lightings, and plants. The luminosity of metals perfectly supports the new interior design trends that meet the needs of modern urban living.

Interior Design Ideas for a Living Room

The new interior design ideas for the living room are geared on glamor and naturalness. Metals and natural materials are incorporated into pieces of furniture for the living room, with variants of oxidized silver or gold in furniture, accessories, and decorative pieces.

The idea for living room interior design has become more creative, integrating living spaces with an open floor plan that allows socializing while cooking or working in one area. When creating a sociable vibe, keep in mind that the design of furniture for the living room can break or make the space. If your space is large, incorporate two plush sofas to make an intimate space for conversations and bonding. If you have a limited area, one great furniture idea for the living room is to pair one sofa with a lovely designer chair and a footstool, which doubles up as an additional seat or coffee table.

In 2020, steely gray, walnut trims, and dark ebony accents will be the defining edge of the interior design for the living room ideas. Add textures to create a cozy and homey ambiance by adding stitching patterns or decorative finishes on the cushions or sofa arms. Use the decorating elements in subtle ways by creating a look that reflects your style and individuality. Bar furniture for the living room is always a welcome addition.

Home Interior Ideas for Bedrooms

The bedroom is the place where you start and end the day, so it is essential that it makes you feel at ease and rejuvenated.It is a personal sanctuary and an intimate corner where you can do your personal interests. 2020 bedroom trends give you the freedom to be yourself and reflect your values, preferences, and character. The interior design ideas for a bedroom should always match your style. Whether you want an avant-garde, retro, minimalist, or artsy bedroom, the choice is yours.

For 2020, the major trend is towards the promotion of well-being, so find the best interior elements for your bedroom. Use natural materials and soft fabrics to harmonize the designs. The Maximalist trend of 2020 gives way to the comeback of wallpapers and 3D textured wall coverings with intricate motifs and bold looks that greatly enhance the interior colors for the bedroom. In addition, large curtains also return and help you create a wavy effect along with frosted glass and glazed surfaces for semi-transparent effect.

Another element that will be returning in 2020 is the carpet flooring. During the Milan Design Week 2019, carpets are used not just on the floor but also on the ceiling and walls. Well, you can take it seriously and experiment how it works in your space or keep a simple interior design for your bedroom by having a carpet flooring.

For decor and accents, the interior colors for the bedroom and other areas of your home for 2020 are jewel-tones like ruby red, emerald, plum, sapphire blue, and turquoise. Oversized wall art with abstract, bold patterns that speak your taste in design is a nice addition. Handmade crafts are included in the interior design trends for the bedroom in 2020. These are good investments to hand down to future generations. For color trends in the bedroom, neutrals and whites are out. They are replaced by palettes that give a jolt of energy and inspiration like tangerine, raspberry, and yellow. If you like a more subdued, romantic vibe, use pastel hues like Peach, Lavender, Blush, or Dusky Pink.

Furniture for Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to furniture for bedroom design, surround yourself with pieces that spark joy. Give special attention to the headboard which is the centerpiece of your sleeping space. 2020 interior design trends for bedroom lean on platform beds with built-in storage that keep the space neat and tidy. If you have enough space, add a loveseat or an armchair that serves as an accent chair. A bedroom bench at the foot of the bed will also enhance the trendy interior design of the room. To achieve an atmosphere of airiness and lightness, avoid cramming the room up with large pieces of furniture. Dress up your nightstand with a modern lampshade or use wall lamps and above-the-bed-chandeliers for a trendy interior design look.

Bedroom Furniture for Lofts

If you are living in a loft apartment, your space is quite limited. To make the most of it, you can choose to have a plywood loft bed and add a comfortable mattress. Wall cabinets with drawer chests are functional bedroom furniture for lofts. Maximize the under-stair space with modular storage structures and custom-made storage in the staircase that easily pulls out.

If you are converting an attic or loft into a tiny bedroom, find the perfect bed and furniture that match your concept for the area. You must be careful when choosing bedroom furniture for lofts and consider the angles and scales that can be challenging when positioning them. If your space is big, buy a four-poster bed that serves as the focal point of the room. Since wood and natural materials are the trends in 2020, add some decorative accents and furniture.

For lighting, use string LED lights to create a cozy atmosphere. For a trendy interior design and versatility, use plexiglass railing or a bookshelf railing that doubles up as a safety protection while you are asleep. Enhance the character of the room with beautiful wallpapers and accessories. You can also experiment with the textures like having wood paneling as a feature wall or add a pull-down bureau when you want to work from home.

Furniture for Men’s Bedroom

The 2020 interior design furniture for the men’s bedroom has a strong visual anchor and masculine elements. The trend is bigger in size, shape, construction, and material composition. Men want cave-like textures and color composition like blues, grays, greens, dark hues, earthy tones, rich browns, and blacks. To balance the strong, dark hues of the trendy interior design, adding modern and metal lighting fixtures or wall accents with vibrant color is a good option. The interior design trends in 2020 for men’s bedroom leans on natural products like stone, marble, or wood and complimenting them with leather, suede, and natural fabrics. Adding wood furniture elements or concrete structures in the room to serve as a backdrop of the Smart TV or other electronic devices is also a perfect idea.

Bedroom Furniture Set for Girls

For little girls, her bedroom must be a place to rest, play, and enjoy. Finding the bedroom furniture set for a girl requires attention to comfort, quality, safety, functionality, and beauty. The bed, wardrobe cabinet, bedside table, drawer-chest, dresser, and seats should be aligned with her interests and personality. Finding trendy furniture to enhance the interior design of the room should always be practical and can grow up with the child.

For teenage girls, the 2020 interior design trends allow them to splurge with colors and patterns. Since, the bedroom is the most private space, taking into account the personality and preferences is the best way to create a comfortable and stylish bedroom. To refurbish the bedroom and keep up with the latest home interior design trends, you can change the color of the walls, add some accent pieces, replace heavy furniture with pieces that are made of natural materials like marble or rattan. Add a plush carpet on the floor and use 3D panels for wall coverings. Create a relaxing ambiance with natural lightings or scale up the feminine drama with the help of spotlights, pendant lights, or decorative neon lights.

Be ready to prep up your home with 2020 interior design trends!Whichever trend you want to adopt, the key is to mix and match them with your favorite pieces of furniture and home accessories. Have fun!