Taking inspiration from rocking cradles and rocking horses, the rocking chair which originated from America has become a piece of all-time home furniture. Many believed that the original inventor of this iconic chair was Benjamin Franklin, while others said that cabinetmakers did the first designs. The rollers, however, were not an American invention. It was initially built as a garden or outdoor furniture that found its way to being an interior design essential.

Rocking chair in the bedroom

Rocking chairs became a widely-popular fixture in western homes during the 19th century. During the presidency of John F. Kennedy, rocking chairs were put in different rooms of the White House because of his chronic back pain. He found relief from his condition by having a rocking chair in his bedroom. The rocking movement is known to induce sleep, reduce stress and pain, trigger sensory stimulation, and improve mood. The therapeutic effects of the rocking chair make it a favorite piece of furniture in the sleeping area.

This type of chair is also popular among mothers who put their babies to sleep, read, knit, or simply relax. The armrests and roomy seats make a bottle or breastfeeding more comfortable. It also fosters the emotional bond between the child, making it easier to calm a crying infant and hold his head up to make him smile.

Garden rocking chair

A rocking chair in your garden offers an ultimate outdoor experience. Buy a rocking chair that suits the look of your patio or yard. If you have a vintage theme, opt for a white wicker rocking chair. For contemporary design, pick chocolate brown, deep green, or black wicker rocking chair.

It is vital to choose one that can withstand the elements of the weather. A wooden garden rocking chair is perfect for places with a generally warm climate. Rocking garden chairs in metal material are also wonderful options because they guarantee durability. To sustain their great condition, bring your rocking chairs inside during winter or cover them when not in use.

Child rocking chair

Children love the rhythmic motion that this seat brings, so give your kid a pint-sized of your favorite rocking chair. When choosing a child rocking chair, it is important to find the right model and size with excellent features that enhance his development and provide the necessary body support. So, whether you want a classic kiddie rocking chair or a Gen-Ex glider, adding one to your kid’s “happy territory” brings ultimate fun.

Wooden rocking chairs

Wooden rocking chairs are quintessential furniture that first appeared in the 1740s in the American Colonies. From primitive hollowed logs, it was redesigned to include two curved bands at the base or the rockers. In 1860, German craftsman, Michael Thonet made the first bentwood rocking chair which was known for its lightweight and graceful shape. As years pass by, the wooden chairs evolved into forms, designs, and materials, but the retro rocking chair remains one of the most-sought choices because of its natural and rustic look that complements any type of interior motif and adds character to the room.

The best wooden rocking chairs are made of premium hardwoods which include teak and cypress and waterproofing finish. They suit the needs of people who suffer from back pains, decrease anxiety levels, facilitates the healing of postoperative surgery, and helps recovery from childbirth faster. Nursing mothers who give birth through C-section lessen their confinement in the hospital by using the hospital’s provided rocking chairs.

Plastic rocking chair

As the 20th-century ushers in, a lot of modern furniture designers created different styles of plastic rocker chair. One of the pioneers was the husband and wife tandem Charles and Ray Eames, who used tough fiberglass-reinforced materials and wooden rockers. Their molded, brightly-colored plastic rocking chairs became widely-sought because of the unique forms and styles. If you are on a budget, there are many affordable choices like the resin wicker rocking chairs. Some products are constructed using recycled poly-materials.

Hail to those who built the first primitive prototype and revolutionized its features, we are now enjoying the benefits of rocking in the comfort of our home. A rocking chair in the bedroom is a good exercise for the body, mind, and spirit.