Lighting is essential to any home or office space. Proper and adequate lighting spreads a cheerful mood while showcasing your interior designs. It does the trick of creating a conducive and relaxing ambiance, so it is imperative to choose the right lighting fixtures. To help you avoid mistakes, we have some living room floor lamps’ ideas for you.

Floor lamp ideas for living room

Living room lamp arrangement requires proper placement that allows occupants to move freely and make the most of the light they generate. Floor lamps generally reduce shadows and provide direct illumination. These types of lamps become indispensable components of modern designs because they give off ambient or task light, promote layer effect, and add a vertical element to the living room.

  • Placing it next to a sofa or chair is one of the common living room floor lamp ideas. This seating arrangement delivers ambient or localized lighting that makes it more convenient to read or browse the net while curling in your favorite sofa or chair. You can have a club floor lamp with a downward shade or a Torchiere lamp with upturned shade for this purpose.
  • Highlight a piece of décor or furniture by placing a floor lamp next to it. A club-style floor lamp or an arc floor lamp will emphasize the nice features.
  • Another perfect setup is putting a floor lamp in a corner to serve as a secondary source of light. One of the designers’ favorite floor lamp ideas is to place multiple lamps in various corners to ensure a well-lit living room. The layered effect generates a more contemporary and stylish ambiance.

Bedroom floor lamp ideas

Lighting in the bedroom is usually completely bright, completely dark, or completely somewhere in between, so a combination of installed and portable fixtures is a wonderful idea.

  • For the reading nook in your bedroom, a floor lamp with a focused downward shade provides an excellent task light, while a swing-armed floor lamp is a good choice if you like reading in bed.
  • Pick an adjustable and extendable floor lamp if you want to shed light on your bed. A modern, stylish floor lamp will accentuate your bedroom arrangement. You can also choose to use two slender floor lamps on each side of your bed instead of the traditional table lamps. This concept frees more space and adds dimension.
  • For a classic look, add a vintage floor lamp in your bedroom. You can place it in a corner to complement a coffee table or an accent armchair. For a shimmering effect, find a lamp with a colored glass shade that reflects the light in the entire room.
  • One of the popular floor lamp ideas in the bedroom is placing an arc floor lamp behind your dresser to help you find your daily outfits and accessories. Light up your dressing table with a floor lamp that features a swooping arm to help you when prepping up.

DIY floor lamp ideas

If you like customizing stuff in your home space to add character and uniqueness, here are some floor lamp DIY ideas for you:

  • Transform your bedside table and floor lamp into one piece. Drill a hole in the center for the cord and attach the baluster to the surface of the table, add the lampshade and finally the bulb.
  • If you have an old lantern, give it a makeover by spraying a fresh coat of paint. Build a base by using leftover pieces of wood and hang the lantern on top to create a rustic and a beacon-like floor lamp.
  • Use your imagination and create a pipe lamp. Get different kinds of pipes and spray paint them. Combine them together in any shape you like, run the electric cord through them, and then glue to secure. Attach the end to a sturdy wood base and on the top area, attach the lampshade with bulb.
  • Make an interesting floor lamp by stacking a bunch of books as support. Drill holes through the books and put the base of the lamp on the bottom, insert the rod through the books, and the shade on top.
  • Do you have an old tripod or a music stand? You will need any of them to create trendy tripod floor lamps. Install the socket and wire and then get your existing lampshade to complete your DIY project.
  • Combine the elements of wood and metal by drilling a hole in the tall stick and inserting the copper with a bulb in the top section.
  • One of the popular floor lamps’ decorative lighting ideas is to use a tall and chic glass as the foundation of your lampshade. You can put some colored stones or coins inside to make it more unique.

Floor lamp decorating ideas

The right lighting makes a big difference in the coziness and intimate feel of the rooms. It is not enough that you add a funky piece that illuminates the area, you also need to consider balance and harmony to achieve the effect you want. Floor lamps provide functional and decorative lighting, hence their popularity among do-it-yourself and professional interior decorators.

  • Use them to blend with the existing components. Floor lamps should not mess up the total appearance of the room. You can never go wrong by mixing ambient, task, and accent lighting fixtures for ultimate coordination. Opt for lamps with dimmer to brighten or soften the light effects and create the mood you want.
  • Go for a sleek, modern floor lamp that can be a conversation-starter. Choose a smooth shade or a chic glass shade with slim bases that add drama and height without overpowering the other décor.
  • To optimize the functionality of your floor lamp, choose pieces with articulating arm that you allow you to direct light over a reading corner, sofa, or coffee table. Find one with a striking silhouette that enhances the elegance of your room. There are cheap decorative floor lamps that can help you scale up your home space without breaking the budget.

With all these foolproof tips, you can easily achieve your preferred designer look with the right floor lamps that will complete each room with finesse and style.