There is no denying the unique allure of Eames Chairs that make them one of the most coveted and beloved pieces of furniture. The Eames furniture tops the list when it comes to ergonomic design, durability, color, durability, material, and functions. The most famous piece is the Eames lounger which was inspired by the English Club chairs. To know more about it and the other Eames chairs designed by the artistic couple Ray and Charles Eames, read on.

Eames Lounge Chair

This beautiful chair is regarded as the most iconic creation of the designer couple. It sets a high standard in the context of luxury and sophistication. When you browse every Eames lounge chair review, there is a common consensus that this Mid-Century lounger is truly a piece of must-have furniture.

Looking back at the history of the Eames lounge chair, it was the first chair the couple designed for the high-end market. It debuted on the NBC’s The Arlene Francis Home Show in 1956. Immediately after the release, the demand of the public was overwhelming that its American distributor Herman Miller had non-stop orders. After some time, Vitra started producing this lounger for the European markets. Later on, the Eameses’ created its partner, the Ottoman which was also an instant hit. At present, the 1956 Rosewood Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are permanently displayed in the New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. Other genuine pieces are on display at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.

Eames Lounge Chair Wood (LCW)

This 1946 Eames molded plywood chair was another breakthrough design, which was hailed as the Best Design of the 20th Century by Time Magazine. It has become one of the world’s most recognized chairs. It was crafted using the molding plywood technology, which the Eameses developed during World War II. Using the “Kazam! Machine to press the thin sheets of plywood against the hydraulic-heated membrane, they produced a molded low-seat chair that cradles the occupant in a comfy position.

Eames Molded Wood Side Chair

The Eames Molded Wood Side Chair features a single-shell construction that completed the decades-long experimentations of Ray and Charles. It comes with a variety of base options and wood finish. Charles’ obsession to create this sleek form begun when he went to study plywood molding with Eero Saarinen at Cranbrook Academy. He and his wife Ray continued the works at their studio in California for this particular design.

Eames Molded Plastic Chair

This timeless Eames plastic chair was a breakthrough seat that started the revolution of modern furniture style. It was introduced in 1951, one year after the mass production of the original “shell” armchair. It features a single-piece molded seat and back that accommodates the natural shape of the body. The minimalist and simple curves of this molded plastic armless chair have inspired designer furniture reproductions over the years. It was constructed from the Zenaloy or polyester reinforced with fiberglass and with different bases such as rocker base, wooden base, and “Eiffel Tower” metal base. The modern reproductions feature 100% recyclable plastic with a textured and matte finish.

Eames Fiberglass Plastic Arm Chair

Charles and Ray designed this all-time favorite single-shell chair for the 1948 MoMA’s International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design. The history of the Eames fiberglass chair and its parts is interesting. The 1st generation was produced by the Zenith Plastics in Gardenia, California. It featured Large Shock Mounts with center washers to ensure stability and Rope Edge effect. The 2nd generation of the fiberglass armchairs was built in the Zenith factory as well as the Eames Office located in Santa Monica. They had Large Shock Mounts and Straight Edge. They were manufactured in six colors which include Elephant Gray, Lemon Yellow, Seafoam, Red Orange, Parchment, and Greige. These colors were personal choices of the couple and ran from 1950-1960. The 3rd Generation featured Smaller Shock Mounts without a center washer, Straight Edge, and 3 Raise Dots. The 4th Generation has Herman Miller Embossed logo, similar parts, but came in multiple colors. The 5th Generation which was released in 2013 up to the present has 9 colors, a new logo, Straight Edge, and new Shock Mount pattern (smaller on the rear and larger on the front.)

Eames Molded Plastic 4-Leg Side Chair

Another variation of plastic chairs is the stylish Eames molded plastic 4-leg side chair. It is crafted with a gentle silhouette, waterfall seat edge, and deep seat pocket to cradle the human body. This Mid-Century seat fulfilled the objective of the Eameses to create a chair that everyone will love because of simple aesthetic design that fits all types of space and provides ultra-comfort even without armrests, cushions, or paddings.

Eames Fiberglass Bar Stool

Pushing beyond the boundaries was one of the distinct characteristics of Ray and Charles. It resulted in the creation of the ergonomic molded high chair that graced the counters and bars since its inception. This Eames Fiberglass Bar Stool the same seat surface construction and 4-leg base that is elevated to suit the high counters of bistros and cafes.

How to buy designer furniture at discount prices?

If you are wishing to own designer furniture reproductions, but the exorbitant price of the sofa you want is more than the cost of your monthly budget keeps damping your dream, we have some tips for you to score designer pieces on a dime.

  • Visit flea markets, consignment stores, donation centers, and estate sales that sell designer furnishings and furniture. When selecting second-hand pieces, always check and ask the seller about the condition. Learn to barter to get them at lower tag prices.
  • Attend exhibits and trades, ask the sales associates for deals on damaged goods or floor samples.
  • Browse the Internet and find reputable retail websites. Check out our collection if you want to buy an Eames chair replica with a huge discount and free delivery perk if you live in the United Kingdom.

With knowledge of what type of Eames’ chair you want and where to buy without breaking the bank, you are all set to shop!