Fun Pendant Lamp - 32 CM

Inspired By Verner Panton

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  • Fun Pendant Lamp 32 CM
  • Fun Pendant Lamp 32 CM
  • Fun Pendant Lamp 32 CM
  • Fun Pendant Lamp 32 CM
  • MDE304-1-32CM

    Fun Pendant Lamp - 32 CM

    Inspired By Verner Panton

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    Inspired By

    Verner Panton

    Verner Panton (VP) known fondly as a fun architect/designer exuberant and passionate about design, Verner Panton's creations were focused on colors and pushing the boundaries of non-conventional interior and furniture design. Over the duration of his works, Panton introduced a number lighting designs tangential to other Scandinavian designs of the same era, Verner Panton lighting conflicted historic theories on how lighting should work, bouncing light off of color plates within the design giving off color nondirectional color variances. After working with Arne Jacobsen in the early 50’s VP went onto opening up his own studio in 1950 and working on ideas such as a collapsible house (1955) During the end of the 50’s, however, his chair design became much more nonconformist, with canter-liver designs and beautiful curvature. Panton was also one of the first designers to use single form injection molding to produce chair designs, therefore making the designers chair more commercially viable and allowing him to create the S chair which he became famous for, popular today as it was then, due to its organic shape and the color options available. During the late 1960’s and early 70’s Panton went onto commercial interior design projects, eccentric and colorful in design the applications were installed/displayed in hotels and exhibition centers.

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    • I love the timeless, elegant look that it brings to the room. I will be ordering another 45 CM Fun Pendant Lamp soon! I can
      John Holloway

      Superb craftsmanship & quality

    • After my husband installed it up to our living room ceiling, we admired how this Fun Pendant Lamp 45 CM lend a soft and cool ambiance. We adore it!
      Maddison Burke

      It's really fun to have it!

    • My mother-in-law saw my newly-delivered 45 CM Fun Pendant Lamp and asked where did I buy it. I highly recommended you Mobelaris, everything I bought is awesome!
      Max Pearce

      Awesome products from an amazing store

    • The mother of pearl materials of this Fun Pendant Lamp-45 CM makes my living room look so wonderful. I would close all the other lights and let it glow proudly as I relax on my couch.
      Amy Fitzgerald

      Offers a relaxing vibe

    • It is so timeless! I love classic and chic pieces of ceiling lights. This 45 CM Fun Pendant Lamp makes my space look so elegant while providing perfect illumination.
      Christopher Kirk

      Timeless ceiling lights

    • This Fun Pendant Lamp reminded me of my grandparent
      Evan Mitchell

      Love this pendant lamp!

    • I absolutely adore my 53 CM Fun Pendant Lamp. It is so gorgeous and attracts a lot of interests. Of course, I highly recommended your store. You are amazingly great.
      Zak Gough

      Wonderful statement piece

    • I bought a 53 CM Fun Pendant Lamp for our bedroom and I am happy with the light it casts. It makes our room looks so elegant like a hotel room. Very nice.
      Jacob Hope

      A touch of luxury at home

    • I replaced the lights over our dining table with 53 CM Fun Pendant Lamp. The outcome is amazingly good. It gives a fresh look and sufficient illumination that makes dining more enjoyable.
      Chloe Coleman

      Excellent lighting for wonderful dining moments

    • The Fun Pendant Lamp- 53 CM has an iconic style that is never out of time. I was wishing to have one for a long time and finally, I have a high-end replica. Thank you for making it available.
      Daniel Lloyd

      Timeless beauty and elegance

    • My 53 CM Fun Pendant Lamp becomes the focal point in the living room, casting sufficient illumination over my existing furnishings. I love it.
      Paige Hicks

      Great accent for the living room!

    • The timeless design of this 53 CM Fun Pendant Lamp is the reason why I chose it. I love classic lighting fixtures and decors, so adding this lamp is an easy decision.
      Francesca McLean

      Love its timeless design!

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