Tolix Bar Stool - Black

Inspired By Xavier Pauchard

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  • Tolix Bar Stool Black
  • Tolix Bar Stool Black
  • XS-M811-Black

    Tolix Bar Stool - Black

    Inspired By Xavier Pauchard

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    Inspired By

    Xavier Pauchard

    Xavier Pauchard is a French boilermaker born on March 8, 1880 in Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray France. He was celebrated for bringing the art of galvanizing steel to the furniture industry. He’s known worldwide for being the creator of an iconic industrial design. In 1907, Pauchard discovered that he could protect sheet metal from rusting by dipping it in molten zinc, or galvanizing it. They were immediately popular, not just in cafés, where right up until the 1970s they were often given out by breweries in return for the owner stocking their brand, but also in factories, offices and hospitals. Pauchard’s designs have achieved worldwide iconic status you need to include the colourful Tolix a Chair, Tolix Bar Stool and Tolix Side Table. After Pauchard’s death in 1948, his sons took over Tolix and continued to create the same hand-built quality seating to their father’s specifications.

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    • Great metal stool. I love this Yellow Tolix Bar Stool a lot. It gives a positive and fun vibe in my kitchen. We love taking our breakfast on the island counter and with them as a pair, it
      Jamie Stewart

      Love the radiant color

    • I am very pleased with my Yellow Tolix Bar purchase. I bought a pair and my husband was cool about the color. I promised to buy him blue in the future.
      Grace Owen

      Bring radiance & colors to my space

    • Tolix Bar Stool is super perfect for my kitchen island counter. I love doing my tasks while sitting on it. We bought 3 pieces in different colors. Mine is the Yellow one.
      Jodie Macdonald

      Brings pops of colors

    • The quality is good and the performance is excellent. It carries my weight well. This Tolix Bar Stool is surprisingly comfortable. I love Yellow, so I
      Chelsea Haynes

      Durable & classy stool

    • Yellow Tolix Bar Stool is so perfect for my new apartment. It is a space-saver and looks so cool. I can
      Nicholas Wells

      Perfect for my new apartment!

    • I was so excited when we were unboxing our Yellow Tolix Bar Stool. I really wanted yellow stools for so long and decided to shop yours. I am very much satisfied.
      Abbie Wheeler

      Very much satisfied with my order!

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