Tolix Stool - Black

Inspired By Xavier Pauchard

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  • Tolix Stool Black
  • Tolix Stool Black
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    Tolix Stool - Black

    Inspired By Xavier Pauchard

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    Inspired By

    Xavier Pauchard

    Xavier Pauchard is a French boilermaker born on March 8, 1880 in Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray France. He was celebrated for bringing the art of galvanizing steel to the furniture industry. He’s known worldwide for being the creator of an iconic industrial design. In 1907, Pauchard discovered that he could protect sheet metal from rusting by dipping it in molten zinc, or galvanizing it. They were immediately popular, not just in cafés, where right up until the 1970s they were often given out by breweries in return for the owner stocking their brand, but also in factories, offices and hospitals. Pauchard’s designs have achieved worldwide iconic status you need to include the colourful Tolix a Chair, Tolix Bar Stool and Tolix Side Table. After Pauchard’s death in 1948, his sons took over Tolix and continued to create the same hand-built quality seating to their father’s specifications.

    See what other clients think

    • Tolix Stool is a practical choice if you have constant visitors or enjoy casual entertaining. Good thing I opted for Black color because it is more elegant.
      Connor Smith

      Stylish & practical choice

    • Great find! I fell in love with the Black Tolix Stool the moment I saw it. Now, I have several pieces in the kitchen, in the wine bar corner, and in our deck.
      Shannon Parker

      Sleek & durable

    • I always find a reason to enjoy the comfort of my Black Tolix Stool- when I relax, think, work, sip my cup of coffee, make a call, and so on. Yes, it
      Isaac Mason

      Best stool for me

    • When I was deciding which color to choose, my wife told me to get black. I
      Lewis Carroll

      Sleek & durable stools

    • My friends and I love to hang out every weekend, so I decided to buy several pieces of the Black Tolix Stool. They are very comfortable to use and easy to clean and store afterward.
      Ben Ward

      Ideal for me and my friends!

    • I love the stackable design of the Tolix Stool. It makes my tiny house clutter-free after entertaining some friends. I particularly choose the Black metal variation because it is chic and tough.
      Scarlett Willis

      Love that this chair is stackable!

    • This stool came in great condition and is of high quality. Don
      Sean Myers

      Mobelaris is the best store to get it

    • My husband keeps laughing at me because I cannot stop looking at the three stools we bought. I can't stop saying...AWESOME!!!
      Amelia Lyons

      Very stylish & cool

    • The packaging of the stool is very nice. I bought three stools and they arrived without any scratches, and a day earlier than scheduled. So love it!
      Keira Fletcher

      Very fast & secured delivery

    • This stool is sturdy enough but is lightweight and it can be moved around easily. I don't have to struggle with carrying it around the house.
      Lauren Russell

      Convenient & lightweight stool

    • This barstool looks so much better than the previous stools I have seen in other sites. If you buy more than one, they stack effortlessly and they are very space-saving
      Josh Barnes

      Better than other stools I've seen

    • I can enjoy breakfast in the porch with my family thanks to this stool. I can even spend long hours talking with my family and friends because of it.
      Jacob Heath

      Perfect for breakfast with the family

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